We see our role as a financial institution as supporting and stimulating economic, social and environmental progress. We create value by providing products and services that help people to improve their lives and fuel economic growth. ING’s purpose - empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business - is reflected in our structure, strategy and in the values and behaviours we believe in.

So, what do we do specifically? ING helps customers secure their financial futures, supports people when making life-changing decisions, processes transactions quickly, accurately and easily, and empowers customers to have greater insight into their finances. We also fuel entrepreneurship, support the growth of large corporations, and accelerate sustainable transitions.

Retail Banking

As a private person, you will find that ING Luxembourg can provide you with a very broad range of banking services.

ING Luxembourg has a network of branches throughout the country. While all of them accept both private customers and professionals (shops, self-employed, liberal professions), some also have private banking focus and benefit from the full support of ING Luxembourg’s Private Banking Department.

All our branches have investment and loan advisers who receive ongoing training so that they can offer their customers a sophisticated and personalised service.

The layout of ING Luxembourg branches is designed to meet the different needs of its customers. A “typical” branch is divided into three areas:

  • A Self’Bank area, for cash withdrawals, credit transfers, balance checks and PIN changes.
  • A “Services” area for day-to-day banking business.
  • An “Advice” area for receiving customers in welcoming and discrete surroundings for a personalised service.

Its Self’Bank ATMs are compatible with V PAY and Visa, which means that the bank is accessible around the clock.

You can also access your accounts at any time through My ING, your transactions space on the secure www.ing.lu website. Banking transactions and managing accounts have never been easier!

Private Banking

A first-rate in-house team is there to help high net worth customers to let their assets grow at every stage of their lives:

To achieve this, the team adopts a comprehensive approach to assets, which includes drawing up an asset diagnosis, building on its financial expertise.

ING Luxembourg’s personal wealth advisers offer their customers a privileged relationship, based on trust and sincerity, over the long term, leading to truly personalised solutions that reflect the customer’s personal profile.

These specialists have a full range of investment services (discretionary or advisory management, alternative investments, structured products, ING funds, etc.), asset engineering services (life assurance, investment, asset structures, support with inheritance planning, etc.) at their disposal and can exploit the international synergies inherent in major groups such as ING in order to provide the best possible response to their customers’ needs.

Wholesale Banking

Wholesale Banking fulfils the many requirements of multinationals in the areas of international finance structuring, cash management, leasing, interest-rate and currency hedging operations, securitisation and issuance of private or public bond loans.

Wholesale Banking also advises Luxembourg SMEs on financing for capital goods, working capital, restructurings and transfers of equity.

In addition, this department is the favoured point of contact for industrial, non-industrial and trading companies in Luxembourg. 

Institutional Banking maintains contacts with banks, insurance firms and wealth managers. ING Luxembourg offers institutional clients solutions in custody, fund administration, loans, cash management and so on.

Furthermore, this department centralises all contacts with lawyers, auditors, chartered accountants and other paying agents that essentially have an institutional client base. Wholesale Banking also manages banking relations with companies that are domiciled with these professionals.

The quality of advice and professionalism of our advisers are the advantages that have enabled ING Luxembourg to forge a place on the Luxembourg corporate market.

In addition, ING Luxembourg can provide International Cash Management, a key treasury management aspect for clients operating internationally.

ING Lease

ING Lease is a major Luxembourg player in financial leasing for more than three decades. Today, this experience lets us offer our services to more than 4,000 clients, managing in excess of 10,000 active agreements. Each year we grant around EUR 150 million in leasing to our Luxembourg clients. This makes for as many loyal clients as those who trust in our services and advice.

We are positioned not only as your financial product supplier but also your partner in developing your business from day to day.

In a classic financial lease, we buy the equipment you want to finance according to your instructions. We then lease this equipment to you for the term of the related agreement. At the end of the agreement, you can take over ownership of the equipment by paying the purchase option.

Leasing is aimed at any company wanting to optimise its investments.

(Professional service providers, SMEs, SMIs, financial sector firms, multinationals and so on)

  • Vehicles: cars, lorries, trailers, utility vehicles and coaches;
  • Industrial equipment: machine tools, presses, collators and so on;
  • Civil engineering equipment: mechanical shovels, cranes;
  • Handling equipment: elevators;
  • IT equipment: servers, PCs, printers;
  • Office automation: copiers, faxes;
  • Medical equipment: scanners, etc;
  • Furniture and commercial facilities.

Tremendous flexibility:

  • you can implement early purchase under the agreement at any time;
  • you can choose non-linear lease payments to suit your cash flows.

A fixed rate:

  • lease payments are determined when making the equipment available and unchanged for the entire lease term.

Neutral balance sheet effect:

  • leasing is an off-balance sheet transaction, with no non-current assets or liabilities to consider;
  • the balance sheet solvency ratio is unchanged.

Deductible lease payments:

  • lease payments are tax deductible as external expenses;
  • tax lag: financial expenses > amortisation.

Easier cash management:

  • you have a financing source in addition to bank lending.

Investment tax break maintained (Article 152 bis of the Luxembourg Income Tax Act, or "Loi de l'impot sur le revenu").

  • Financial lease with purchase option
  • Financial lease without purchase option
  • Sale and leaseback
  • Vendor lease

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