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Luxembourg, 22/11/2018


This Wednesday 21 November, 34 non-profit organisations stepped on stage to be awarded prizes for this year’s 7th edition of the ING Solidarity Awards held at ING Lux House.

Empowering the Luxembourg non-profit scene

ING’s main objective is and remains to empower people to stay a step ahead both in life and in business. And what better way to do so than support and promote the local non-profit and social development oriented sector?

The ING Solidarity Awards is a two-part contest based on:
    1. An online vote;
    2. A jury vote for a project.

1. The Online Vote: 93 contestants, 30 victors

The first part of the contest rewards the most publicly supported Luxembourg-based associations based on an online voting contest. Of 93 associations registered on and with more than 30,000 votes accumulated, 30 associations were presented with a EUR 1,000 cheque each.

Here below, the list of winners in alphabetical order:

  • Aktion für Bären in Not ASBL
  • Amicale vun der Schoul fir Assistenzhonn ASBL (ASA)
  • As Tricanas de Differdange
  • Asociacion Manos Abiertas ASBL (AMA)
  • Association Culturelle et Humanitaire de Bairrada à Luxembourg
  • Association Luxembourg Roumanie
  • CISV Luxembourg ASBL
  • Coopération Nord-Sud ASBL
  • Een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner
  • Enfants Défavorisés de l'Ile de Madagascar (EDI)
  • Fondation Meninos e Meninas de Rua (FMMR)
  • Fondation sclérose en plaques Luxembourg
  • Friendship Luxembourg
  • GML
  • Grupo Etnografico do Alto Minho
  • "Il était une fois..." ASBL
  • Initiativ Liewensufank ASBL
  • La Trace
  • Les Amis de Gambie ASBL
  • Little Angels ASBL
  • Marion Fraisse la Main Tendue
  • Miau and Co ASBL
  • Mini-Miez ASBL
  • Cancioneiro do Alto Minho
  • Pets Angels Luxembourg ASBL
  • Philippines-Luxembourg Society ASBL (ONGD)
  • Pour un Sourire d'Enfant Luxembourg ASBL
  • Rokku Mi Rokka
  • Smiley Kids
  • Special Olympics Luxembourg

2. The Jury Vote: Rewarding impactful projects

Participating non-profit organisations could submit a project fitting one of the following three categories:

  • “Humanitarian aid”: humanitarian projects to improve people’s quality of life or to ensure respect for fellow human beings;
  • “Integration”: projects intended to promote adaptation, inclusion or the creation of social links between individuals;
  • “Other”: projects for the benefit of others in areas other than humanitarian aid or integration.

The projects were evaluated by an independent 7-person jury composed of 3 ING members and 4 unaffiliated members (*jury details below). Selected projects within these categories were awarded EUR 5,000 prizes.

Winners by category (**project details below):

    1. “Humanitarian aid” category

  • Prize for a project by a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization:
    Enfants Défavorisés de l'Ile de Madagascar (EDI)
  • Prize for a project by a non-profit organization with at least one employee:
    Friendship Luxembourg

    2. “Integration” category

  • Prize for a project by a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization:
    Asociacion Manos Abiertas ASBL (AMA)
  • Prize for a project by a non-profit organization with at least one employee:
    Special Olympics Luxembourg

    3. “Other” category

  • Prize for a project by a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization:
    Together for Children ASBL
  • Prize for a project by a non-profit organization with at least one employee:
    Marion Fraisse la Main Tendue

Honorable mentions also go to:

    4. “Coup de Pouce du Jury”, the jury’s choice of projects deserving of a helping hand

  • Digital Inclusion
  • 2care2share ASBL

    5. “Coup de Coeur du Jury”, the jury’s crush

  • SOS Village d’Enfants Monde

Colette Dierick, CEO of ING Luxembourg, hosted the event and expressed her support for the participants in the ING Solidarity Awards : “It is so moving to hear the stories behind the projects. We can all feel proud to have so engaged and generous family, colleagues and friends. I feel so honored to give these prizes to enable these noble causes!”

For additional information, please visit the ING Luxembourg website

*Members of the ING Solidarity Awards jury:

  • Mr Paul Schmit, President of the ING Solidarity Awards jury
  • Mme Christiane Sietzen, Cultural Coordinator of the Ville de Luxembourg
  • Mme Isabelle Lentz, Field Manager Horeca de Munhowen/Brasserie Nationale
  • Mr François Masquelier, Head of Treasury, Corporate Finance and Entreprise Risk Management at RTL Group
  • Mr Patrick Chillet, Head of Corporate Audit Services at ING Luxembourg
  • Mme Estelle Ray, Operational Risk Officer at ING Luxembourg
  • Mme Elodie Ruche, Management Trainee at ING Luxembourg

**Selected projects for the ING Solidarity Awards:

1. “Humanitarian aid” category

  • Enfants Défavorisés de l'Ile de Madagascar (EDI)
    “EDI is involved in the building of six Brickaville district primary schools’ canteens which will be supplied by a small vegetable garden and a community farm maintained by the pupils, the teachers and the parents. These school canteens will make it possible for these children to have at least a meal every day; the only one for many of them.”
  • Friendship Luxembourg
    “Friendship has developed a unique and innovative solution with the use of modern tools. Lessons taught by the most qualified teachers selected from the best schools in Dhaka are recorded in Friendship's studio and put on digital media for viewing by students in remote schools where photovoltaic panels produce the electricity powering screens and computers. In class, students are supervised by facilitators recruited from within the communities where the schools are located.”

2. “Integration” category

  • Asociacion Manos Abiertas ASBL (AMA)
    “AMA’s aim is to assist in the renting and furnishing of apartments for eight families as well as the relocation of five more families. The objective is to help newcomer workers live in Luxembourg with their families and ensure a better future for their children. AMA considers that dignified housing is a key factor in avoiding social exclusion.”
  • Special Olympics Luxembourg
    “Special Olympics Luxembourg plans on organising a specific day during school hours to help motivate young pupils pursue sports through tossing, jumping and racing workshops. This also serves as an opportunity for teachers and parents to learn about the possibilities and benefits of children practicing sports.”

3. “Other” category

  • Together for Children ASBL
    “Together for Children’s project is the construction of a cement dome roof for the sports and recreation area of the Mariano Valenzuela school. Constructing a dome will provide students with shade and a safe place to play football and partake in afterschool activities, away from cartel recruiters, while their parents are not present.”
  • Marion Fraisse la Main Tendue
    “The aim is the creation and impression of a fun and playful brochure with the purpose of teaching pupils about the tools available and ways to fight harassment at school. The brochure will be made available to pupils in order for all to be able to prepare and withstand harassment at school and online.”

4. “Coups de Pouce du Jury”, the jury’s choice of projects deserving of a helping hand

  • Digital Inclusion
    “Digital Inclusion aims to make information technology accessible to everybody, especially people in need. It collects used computers, smartphones and other IT equipment from companies and individuals, repairs them and distributes them, in Luxembourg, to those who cannot afford them. It promotes social inclusion through digital means by offering migrants and unemployed people free IT courses in order to facilitate their social and professional integration.”
  • 2care2share ASBL
    “The objective is to rescue eight more orphans in Tanzania and welcome them in the orphanage. 2care2share offers them a family life including love, values, daily and health care. Moreover the association gives them access to a high quality school that will prepare them to an autonomous and responsible adult life.”

5. “Coup de Coeur du Jury”, the jury’s crush

  • SOS Village d’Enfants Monde
    “The presented project focuses on traumatized children, youth and families – in particular women – in Ninawa, Iraq, affected by years of devastation, violence and conflict and propose them Teaching Recovery Techniques to better deal with their traumatic experiences.”

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