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Luxembourg, 08/02/2023

Earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria: Donate to Red Cross

The damage after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria is enormous. In a matter of seconds, a massive earthquake completely shook the lives of people in Syria and Turkey. Thousands are dead and missing. The Red Crescent, a sister society of the Luxembourg Red Cross, is working with all its might to pull as many people as possible from under the rubble, provide first aid and transport people to hospitals. Its volunteers are also distributing blankets and tents to people who have lost everything. Will you help?

Every little bit helps

People wishing to support the Luxembourg Red Cross can do so online, or by bank transfer:

Bank account: IBAN LU52 1111 0000 1111 0000

Reference: Séisme Turquie Syrie

Good to know

ING has been active in Turkey for many years and has over 600 employees in the affected region. The majority of our colleagues there are safe and we are working with the team in Turkey to determine the best way to provide emergency humanitarian assistance. Local initiatives are already underway in several countries where ING is present and we plan to launch a global initiative as soon as possible. ING is also doing what is possible to continue supporting its customers in Turkey.

The Red Crescent is helping to pull people from under the rubble and provide first aid. They also shelter people who have lost their homes with blankets, tents, catering and mobile kitchens.

 We thank you in advance.

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