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My ING Pro

My ING Pro is an online banking service that enables you to manage your accounts and payments easily over the Internet, whenever you want and wherever you are. Besides the traditional online-banking features, the tool offers a range of functions specifically developed for our professional clients:

-         Multiple signatures to validate your transactions

-         Possibility to sign transactions from your mobile devices

-         Free-of-charge SWIFT confirmations upon request

-         Simple and efficient management of your beneficiaries

-         Direct access to your digital documents (bank statements, etc.)

-         Clear overview of your balances and pending payments arranged by account or by company

-         Personalised alerts: always know what is happening in your accounts in real time

-         Unlimited number of transactions

Yes! In order to use My ING Pro on your smartphone or tablet, simply download the My ING Pro application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can also visit www.ing.lu to find the app more easily. For mobile devices running Windows or Blackberry operating systems, the My ING Pro website is available in your mobile web browser.

Use the LuxTrust secure technology to log on to your professional My ING Pro account. Visit the LuxTrust website https://www.luxtrust.com for more information, for instance about the following questions:

How do I activate my LuxTrust certificate?

What do I do if I encounter a problem while activating my LuxTrust certificate?

You have not received a LuxTrust text message or you have deleted it?

You are unable to activate your LuxTrust certificate?

What is a “User ID”?

What is the initial password?

How do I choose a personal password?

What if I forget my password?

What if I have a problem with my LuxTrust certificate?

Can I have more than one LuxTrust token?

How does the token work?

If I lose my token, will the person who finds it be able to use it for transactions?

You can also contact the LuxTrust Helpdesk by calling +352 24 550 550 or sending an email to helpdesk@luxtrust.lu; opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

To do this, you have three options:

1)         Identification in a branch:

New users may make an appointment in one of our branches, bringing along a valid ID document.
One of our employees will identify them according to the procedure set out by LuxTrust and will provide them with a Token and an ING identifier.

2)         Identification via video:

In the event that the user cannot go to a branch, they can be identified via video. Ensure that the user has a valid and recognised ID document for the video identification, as described on luxtrust.lu.

To do so, contact your Relationship Manager and provide them with the following information: the ID document that will be used for the video identification, the language requested for the video identification and the smartphone number on which the identifying agent will call.

The identification will be initiated by ING but carried out by the LuxTrust service provider according to the rules in effect.

Remember that you will have to download the LuxTrust application on the smartphone before receiving the call.

Once the user's identity has been validated, you will receive a Token and an ING Identifier by post.

3)         Identification via a certified copy of an ID document:

In the event that the user cannot go to a branch or be identified via video, they can receive a LuxTrust certificate on a Token by sending us a certified copy of the user’s ID document.

Please, note that in this case the LuxTrust certificate sent to you will only enable you to access My ING Pro. Access to other state or bank applications requiring a LuxTrust certificate will only be possible if the user has been identified at a branch or via video.

All answers are here.

Triple'A Plus


To do this, you have two options:

1)         Identification via video (only available for  Smartcards):

You can order your certificate directly on the luxtrust.lu website: select Smartcard Pro (VideoID) and follow the steps.
The user will receive a video call from a LuxTrust partner to conduct the identification.

Please make sure that the user has an ID document that is valid and accepted for video identification as described on www.luxtrust.lu.

2)         Identification in a branch (available for Smartcards and Signing Sticks):

New users can make an appointment in one of our branches, bringing along a valid ID document.
One of our employees will identify them according to the procedure set out by LuxTrust.
Then, go to the LuxTrust website to order either your  Smartcard or your Signing Stick, as you do today.

The LuxTrust certificate enabling you to log onto Multiline may only be delivered if the new user has been identified either by video or in a branch.

LuxTrust Token

There are different token models, both private and professional ones, including a model with a keypad that looks like a calculator.

The model used for My ING Pro is the LuxTrust token, a device without a keypad but with a button and a small display on which the variable number sequence or One-Time Password appears.

If you do not already possess one, you will be able to mention it during the on-boarding process, upon which ING will provide you with a private token for free (ING does not provide professional tokens).

If you already have a certificate and a connected token, you will receive an ING identifier that will link your current token with your My ING Pro contract.

In case you are interested in getting a smartcard or a signing sticks or if you have a certificate linked to one of these devices, please contact the LuxTrust Helpdesk directly by calling +352 24 550 550 or sending an email to helpdesk@luxtrust.lu.

  • If you have a problem with your token while connecting to My ING Pro, you can contact the My ING Pro team by calling +352 44 99 50 00 or sending an email to myingpro@ing.lu.
  • If the problem persists even when you are trying to use your token to connect to a different channel, please contact the LuxTrust Helpdesk directly by calling +352 24 550 550 or sending an email to helpdesk@luxtrust.lu.

Yes, you will find a list of banks and services accessible via your token on the following page: https://www.luxtrust.com/en/support 

LuxTrust secret image

Each time you need to use your LuxTrust Token or chip-based product for online banking or e-government application, you will see your secret image at the moment you enter your OTP or PIN code. For instance to authenticate yourself, add beneficiaries, validate a transaction above a certain amount…

We have introduced this new step to conform with the European Payment Services Directive 2, otherwise known as PSD2. To better protect consumers who make payments online, this requires inter alia the implementation of strong authentication and what is known as transaction contextualisation. This means that the consumer must be able to make payments securely and must also be able to validate every transaction by having all information at his/her disposal (such as the IBAN, the amount and the payment’s recipient). The good news is that, with this new step, all LuxTrust devices meet these requirements.

The first time you authenticate yourself with your LuxTrust device on our partner sites (LuxTrust, Guichet.lu, online banking, Multiline) we will ask you to choose one of nine images picked up randomly.

By including an image chosen by you and which only you can know, we are adding another layer of security. As such, if the image you see is not the one you have chosen, please contact Luxtrust Customer Service Desk +(352) 24 550 550.

That’s easy! Just go to your myluxtrust space on our site and follow the steps under “change my secret image”.

Your image, like your UserID and Password are personal credentials. The same way you don’t share your credit card number, PIN and cryptogram, you shouldn’t share the elements of security of your LuxTrust identity!

No, it will always be the same image you chose the first time you connect and the same image will no matter the online application you are using. If you don’t like it anymore, you can simply change it on your myluxtrust space on our site.

If the image you see is not the image you chose, you are probably facing a phishing attempt. Cancel the operation and contact Luxtrust Customer Service Desk +(352) 24 550 550.

If you don’t see any image whilst using your LuxTrust device, 3 possibilities:

1. You are using LuxTrust Mobile or LuxTrust Scan and there is no secret image required.
2. You are using the 3D Secure system for an online payment and there is no secret image required.
3. Your are facing an attempted fraud. Do not enter your LuxTrust credentials and contact ING Luxembourg by phone at +352 44 99 1 or by email via phishing@ing.lu.

In case of doubt, don't communicate your LuxTrust IDs and contact us.

Oui, en suivant ces étapes :

  • Se rendre sur My ING (Pro);
  • Choisir le mode de connexion par LuxTrust scan;
  • Saisir votre Identifiant ainsi que votre mot de passe;
    Un QR code apparait alors sur l’écran de votre ordinateur (ou de votre tablette);
  • Scanner ce QR code à l’aide de votre scan LuxTrust ou de votre Smartphone;
  • Une fois le QR code scanné, votre scan LuxTrust ou votre Smartphone vous affiche un One Time Password( OTP)
    Saisir l'OTP;
  • Cliquer sur « s’authentifier ».

Vous êtes connecté.

LuxTrust Scan

Yes, by following these steps:

  • Go to My ING Pro;
  • Choose the LuxTrust Scan login method;
  • Enter your username and password;
  • A QR code will then appear on the screen of your PC (or your tablet);
  • Scan this QR code with the help of your LuxTrust Scan or your smartphone;
  • Once the QR code has been scanned, your LuxTrust Scan or your smartphone will display a One Time Password;
  • Click on “authenticate” .

You are now logged in.

Protection against errors 

Each time you make a transaction, you must complete various steps that serve as checks.

1. First of all, you must fill in the fields on the first screen, which is an input screen. Once you have done this, you can validate. If you want to cancel, you just need to close the window.

2. After validation, you will see a confirmation screen that offers you the choice between two options: you may edit your transaction or confirm it.

If you have a token:

3. If you confirm, the system asks you to reconfirm your transaction by entering the number displayed on your token. At this stage, you can still choose either to cancel the transaction or to authenticate it.

If you have a smartcard or a signing stick:

3. If you confirm, the system asks you to reconfirm your transaction by entering the pin code of your certificate. At this stage, you can still choose either to cancel the transaction or to authenticate it.

4. If you send the transaction, a notification screen stating that the transaction has been recorded will appear. After closing this window, you will be automatically redirected to your list of transactions to be signed, including their status. You can also click on “Submitted transactions” to see the payments that have already gone through.

If the connection is interrupted before the last screen appears, your transaction may not have been registered. To find out if your transaction has been recorded, check your list of transactions (to be signed or submitted, depending on your user rights) to see whether or not your transfer has been recorded. 


If you enter any incorrect information, an error message will appear indicating that some of the information is incorrect and asking you to test your certificate on the LuxTrust website.

If you have a token:

Yes, if you have your token with you and as long as the other computer meets the necessary requirements.

If you have a smartcard or a signing stick:

You might use another computer only if the application in question is installed on said computer and if you have your device with you. These solutions are by essence less mobile than the token.

Be careful, however, not to save your password on someone else’s computer.

You can ask any questions you may have on the www.ing.lu website. If you encounter a technical problem, please contact the LuxTrust Helpdesk directly by calling +352 24 550 550 or sending an email to helpdesk@luxtrust.lu.

Again, in case of a general issue with your token, you may also call the LuxTrust helpdesk at +352 24 550 550

1. We will never ask you for your access codes by SMS, email or other 2. Always connect via 'www.ing.lu' 3. Be wary of any email attachments 4. Keep your software up to date 5. Contact us in case of doubt

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