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Securities services

Luxembourg ING takes care of the custody of your securities and you no longer have to worry about the management, interim due dates, risks of theft and so on.


A corporate action can generally be defined as an operation on a security during the term of its validity. This could be, for example, a capital increase, an optional dividend, a public offer or a share split.

ING Luxembourg has a unique IT reporting tool allowing insurance firms to have Luxembourg Insurance Commission reports of different frequencies integrating the regulatory requirements and characteristics needed by this supervisory authority.

Your assets under custody at ING Luxembourg are subject to detailed, recurrent reconciliations and daily updates to their prices.


Any transaction relating to your portfolio is automatically recorded in our books with a view to consulting it at any time for your personal requirements.

Consult your portfolio's performance on an ongoing and up-to-date basis thanks to IT tools accessible on-line made available to you by ING Luxembourg.


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