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Financial leasing can be used to finance any tangible property, material or equipment, involved in the economic activity of a company or self-employed worker.

It is a simple and interesting alternative to traditional financing, whether for new investments or refinancing.

What can be financed with a financial leasing?*

Exhibition furniture and sales materials
Delivery vehicle
Vehicle Utilities ...
IT equipment and payment terminal

*Non-exhaustive list

What are the benefits of a financial lease?

  • This product allows you to use material or equipment while maintaining your cash flow and potential lines of credit for other requirements.
  • In addition, rents are tax deductible as external charges.
  • Lastly, leasing involves 100% financing, so you will not need to make an initial contribution.

How does a financial lease work?

To summarise, imagine that you need a delivery van to extend your catchment area.  Rather than buying it, you ask ING Lease to buy it and ING leases out this equipment to you. So you use it but you are not the owner. From the beginning the contract defines the monthly rent and the purchase option (also called residual value). This is linked to the value at maturity of the property.

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