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Order one today and purchase items securely thanks to the insurance and cover offered by your Visa card.

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before the end of the Black Friday

1. “Purchase Protection” insurance

Certain purchases are expensive and you do not want to take out additional insurance policies just for them. Take the example of a computer, vacuum cleaner or a new television. Our Visa card is perfect for this type of purchase! You will be reimbursed the purchase price or the cost of repairing the new item purchased with your Visa card where it is stolen (as a result of burglary or robbery) or accidentally damaged. You can order items with full peace of mind!

2. “Online Delivery” guarantee

Was your order not delivered? This is very annoying... Not only is this disappointing, but getting your money back can be a real struggle. Under the “Online Delivery” cover provided by your credit card, you will be compensated where items are not delivered or the items delivered do not match your order, provided the items are new and for private use (household appliances, IT equipment, clothing, etc.), and were purchased online using your Visa card.  You can therefore make the most of a stress-free Black Friday.

3. “Two-year extension to the manufacturer’s warranty” insurance

How about adding two years to the manufacturer’s initial warranty? When you use your Visa card to purchase new household goods (e.g. a fridge), electrical items (e.g. a plasma screen) or telephone/IT equipment (e.g. a mobile phone) for private use, this cover is included!

Buy your Black Friday deal with extra security

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