You are connected to the www.ing.lu site, the property of the bank ING Luxembourg S.A. and which is governed by the following clauses. The website also includes a version accessible from smartphones or tablets.

"ING" is a protected trade name, which has been registered in the name of ING Groep N.V., a company under Dutch law whose head office is at Amstelveenseweg, 500, 1081 KL Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The whole site is stored directly and permanently by ING Luxembourg S.A. of which address is 26, Place de la Gare, L-2965 Luxembourg.

The ".lu" part of this website is governed by Luxembourg law. This applies to both substantive and formal rules. The rules governing conflicts of laws are expressly excluded in favour of the full and unqualified application of Luxembourg law. Foreign residents formally agree to the application of Luxembourg law when they visit this site and when they use some or all of the site's functionalities. User of the www.ing.lu site represents that he/she has the necessary skills and resources to access and use the site.

User will be responsible for ensuring that he/she has a suitable and regularly updated Internet connection and browser. Further, before any use of the ING Luxembourg site, user represents that he has ensured that the browser used allows secure access to the site.

No visitor to the site will be required to provide any personal information unless they choose to do so. By submitting personal information by clicking on the 'send' button, the visitor agrees to the contents of this privacy policy and accepts the conditions set out in it.

Access to and the functioning of the transactional part of this site, and, in general, provision of high-quality customer service, involves the computerised processing of personal data about customers. By signing an Internet service access contract with ING Luxembourg, user consents to the computerised processing of those data in the interests of the efficient management of his/her file.

The data collected in that way, and any data subsequently communicated to ING Luxembourg in the context of the ongoing customer relationship, will also be used by ING Luxembourg for the purposes of managing assets and accounts, transfers of funds, brokerage services, central customer management, marketing banking or insurance products, and to establish a general profile of the customer and to verify the regularity of transactions.

ING Luxembourg undertakes to comply with all statutory provisions applicable to it relating to the protection of privacy in the processing of customer data.

User may refuse computerised management of this kind, which may mean it is not possible to provide Internet services intended for him/her.

User has a right of access and rectification in respect of the information in question in accordance with the data protection legislation in force in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Information of any kind on the site, whether financial or otherwise, is given for information purposes only. That information is based on sources which ING Luxembourg believes are reliable. However, ING Luxembourg can give no express or implicit warranty or undertaking of any kind that the information is accurate, up-to-date or exhaustive or of the quality or reliability of the information in general. No officer, director or employee working for ING Luxembourg or for any company on whose behalf those persons provide a service, will be bound in any way or will have any liability in respect of the information referred to here.

The information and prospectuses on the website must not be taken as an offer or an invitation to buy, sell or otherwise trade in any investment featured on the site and are not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any country whatsoever, including the United States, in which the investment funds and services concerned are not authorised to be distributed or registered for that purpose, or in which the publication of information on the funds or associated services is prohibited.

This information in no way constitutes legal, accounting or tax advice and is only valid at the time given. It cannot be treated as substituting the knowledge and skills of the user. The information may be withdrawn or modified at any time without notice. It may also originate from third parties, which means that ING Luxembourg has no control over the content of the information.

Nor may ING Luxembourg be liable to the user for any direct or indirect consequence associated with use of that information, save in the case of wilful misrepresentation or serious intentional misconduct on its part.

There may be links on this site to third party sites not under the control of ING Luxembourg. By allowing that access, ING Luxembourg does not thereby accept any liability for the content, services, products or materials offered on these sites.

In so far as the "www.ing.lu" site can be visited from anywhere in the world, it is the responsibility of those who connect to the site to comply with the laws of the country in which they are resident and/or where they use the service. Those people will be liable for any direct or indirect consequence arising from failure to comply with those statutory or regulatory obligations. ING Luxembourg will under no circumstances be liable for any such infringement.

ING Luxembourg nevertheless reserves the right to impose geographical limits on access to its site.

User's attention is particularly drawn to the fact that, for specific technical reasons and in order to comply with the rules of certain stock exchanges, indexes and prices are transmitted with a time lag of 15 to 30 minutes. ING Luxembourg will not under any circumstances be liable for errors or delays affecting prices and indexes or for the direct or indirect consequences of such errors or delays.

Access to the transactional part of ING Luxembourg's "www.ing.lu" site requires an account to be opened with ING Luxembourg and the prior signature of an Internet service access contract. For all information in that regard, you can contact us by telephone on (+352) 4499 1, or write to us at the following address: ING Luxembourg S.A. – Contact center,26, Place de la Gare, L-2965 Luxembourg.

Placing orders requires in-depth knowledge of the regulations in force and of the functioning of the markets and should only be undertaken by experienced customers who are aware of the rapid fluctuations which may occur on certain markets, and of the speculative nature of those markets and the potential liquidity problems they may encounter.

The individual value of an investment may fall sharply and investors may not be able to recover the capital invested. The past performance of a product is not a guarantee of future results and exchange rate fluctuations can also affect the value of an investment. On that basis, ING Luxembourg offers no performance guarantee for products which may be featured on the site.

User is invited to read carefully the "Investor Guide" available on the site, and any information he/she considers relevant to assessing the nature of the transactions and the specific related risks.

ING Luxembourg will not have any responsibility as to suitability to place orders or whether a transaction conforms to the user's profile.

The products and services referred to in the transactional part of the site are not necessarily accessible to all investors. Offering those products and services may not be authorised by the local legislation and regulations in force. Investors are invited to consult their own independent professional advisors before making an investment decision and must be aware of the laws governing investments locally.

Each investor is therefore responsible for verifying, before making any investment, that they satisfy the terms and conditions of subscription or acquisition for a particular product or service and for checking that they are authorised, under the national or tax legislation applicable to them or under the laws of their country of residence, to invest in a given financial product.

In particular, the products and services featuring in the transactional part of the site do not constitute an offer for sale or to be sold in the USA or its territories, possessions or protectorates, or to nationals, citizens or residents of any of those areas. None of the funds mentioned on the site is registered under the US Securities Act of 1933 or under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

In so far as this service is available anywhere in the world, it is the responsibility of the user to comply with the laws of their country of residence and of the place where they use the service. If those laws prohibit Internet use, for any reason whatsoever, the user must accept the direct or indirect consequences of any infringement of any of those statutory and regulatory provisions.

Under no circumstances will ING Luxembourg be liable for any such infringement.

However, ING Luxembourg reserves the right to restrict access to the products and services presented on the site to certain persons, legal entities or to certain countries, in particular as a result of national legislation or international law.

On the ING Luxembourg transactional site you can place stock exchange orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ING Luxembourg undertakes to transmit those orders on the markets concerned as quickly as possible, subject to Article 13 of the Internet general terms and conditions and any periods when those markets are closed.

In the event of force majeure or the occurrence of an event beyond its control, ING Luxembourg may find it necessary or be obliged to interrupt all or part of the service without notice. Whenever circumstances permit, ING Luxembourg will ensure that it gives notice of times when the service will be interrupted and will take all necessary measures to restore the connection as soon as possible. However, ING Luxembourg will not under any circumstances be liable for those interruptions and/or any delays in restoring the service, unless there has been gross negligence on its part.

Nor will ING Luxembourg be liable for direct or indirect damage – in particular, but not limited to, damage resulting from the interruption, withdrawal or malfunction of the service, in particular in the event of maintenance or restoration of the computer service, technical breakdown of the computer system, overloading of the Internet network, disconnection of a telephone line, error, negligence or fault by Internet service providers, third parties or customers, or a virus transmitted via the Internet.

ING Luxembourg will not be liable in the event of problems attributable to the defective operation or poor configuration or general use of the visitor's computer equipment or where the computer equipment used by the visitor is not of a sufficiently high specification. Nor will it be liable for any damage caused by the connection to the service and/or use of software associated with it, either to the visitor's computer system (hardware, software etc.) or to stored data. All information sent by ING Luxembourg to visitors to its site or to its customers at their request will be sent under their responsibility and at their risk and peril in accordance with their knowledge of the risks associated with the Internet. Under no circumstances will ING Luxembourg be liable for poor reception or non-receipt of any information sent by it to visitors or to its customers or vice versa.

The overall structure and the software, text, animated or static images, sounds, know-how, designs, graphics and any other element comprising the "www.ing.lu" site constitute a protected work for intellectual property purposes. The ownership rights of ING Luxembourg and its suppliers, in the general sense, must be upheld. User will not acquire any right of ownership over software, programs, information, applications or instructions made available to him/her by ING Luxembourg, which grants him/her only a right of use over those elements. The user undertakes to comply with the rules of use established by ING Luxembourg and will refrain from making any copies, modifications or adaptations in respect of the foregoing or any transmission to third parties.

None of the foregoing elements or information may be resold or redistributed in any form whatsoever.

Information provided by Reuters is the exclusive intellectual property of Reuters or third party content providers. Information provided by Reuters may not under any circumstances be stored on any medium whatsoever for more than thirty (30) days without the prior written consent of Reuters.

The user represents that he/she is familiar with and understands the functional characteristics of the means of communication (Internet, etc.) and the technical limitations, the risks of interruption, the response times for viewing, requesting or transferring information and the risks, of any kind whatsoever, inherent in any connection and any data transfer in particular on an open network.

Terms and conditions of mobile access to the website

1. Website

In the context of an obligation of means, ING Luxembourg makes services featuring on the website available to user who so wishes. Those services are likely to be supplemented, modified or removed at any time without prior notice, in particular in the light of the evolution of technology.

2. Mobile access to the website

Mobile access to the website is a channel by which you can, for example, view all your accounts and manage your transfers from your smartphone or tablet. The rules of Internet use and warnings apply to mobile access to the website.

Requirements for use the service

User of the services must be personally responsible for renting or acquiring the computer equipment and means of transmission in question, for keeping them fully maintained, for his/her unrestricted right to use them and for entering into any agreement with any service provider, data transmission service providers (such as an Internet service provider, telecommunications operator or telecommunications service provider etc.).

ING Luxembourg will have no liability and therefore will not be in any way responsible for:

- the choice of equipment;

- the use of that equipment by the user – in particular, the user will ensure that he/she does not unscrew or unblock his/her smartphone or tablet with the aim of removing the restrictions on use imposed by the manufacturer – ; and/or

- the aforementioned service providers.

ING Luxembourg may also at any time change some or all of the technical requirements for access, in particular the identification elements, in order to improve the security of access or to bring it into line with new advances in technology. User will be informed of such changes.

It will be for service user alone to be aware of any opportunities for changing the computer equipment and means of transmission available to him/her to ensure that he/she is able to adapt to changes in the services provided by ING Luxembourg.

ING Luxembourg grants the service user a non-exclusive right to use on their computer equipment any specific software necessary for use of the ING Luxembourg services, to be used by the user alone for the sole purpose of carrying out, in performance of these terms and conditions, the operations described in the information sheets, user instructions and/or the presentation disc sent to the user.

User will not acquire any right of ownership over the software, programs, applications and instructions for use made available to him/her by ING Luxembourg. Provision of the foregoing will give the user a right of use only. The user undertakes to comply with the rules for use issued by ING Luxembourg and will refrain from making any copy, modification or adaptation and from making any element available to third parties.

In general, the user undertakes to uphold the ownership rights of ING Luxembourg and his/her suppliers.

Access to services

Access by the user to the transactional part of the website via his/her smartphone or tablet requires an account to be opened with ING Luxembourg and the prior signature of an Internet service access contract. For all information in that regard, user can contact ING Luxembourg S.A. by telephone on (+352) 4499 1 or write to the following address: ING Luxembourg S.A. – Contact center, 26l, Place de la Gare L-2965 Luxembourg.

Applicability of General Terms and Conditions Internet

The General Terms and Conditions Internet in force between the user and ING Luxembourg will apply in all respects not provided for above.

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