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Questions about services provided by other companies in connection with PSD2

With the account information service, other companies can request information about your payment account from us at your request. This concerns transaction and balance information. This information can, for example, be used to compile a total overview of your transaction data at all banks. 

ING will only share this information with another company if you have authorized this company. This permission expires automatically after a maximum of 180 days, or if you withdraw the permission yourself from the company to which you granted the permission.

We then share your transaction data and your balance. You give permission for this per account: you choose which company gets access to which account.

Account and transaction data include:

  • Your account number
  • Your name
  • Name of the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary’s account number
  • Description or payment reference
  • Amount and date of the transaction

Before you give permission to a company, carefully check whether you actually know the company and whether it makes sense for them to request that permission. For example, because you want to use a service from the company for which they need that data. 

The law only deals with payment accounts. It is therefore not possible to share data from savings accounts, credit card accounts and investment accounts with other companies.

This allows you to make a payment through companies other than your own bank. However, you always give the final approval for such a payment yourself using your usual way of authentication. So another company cannot make payments from your account without your permission.

With the confirmation availability of funds, another company can see whether you have enough balance in your account to make a card payment. But only if you give this company permission for this. ING will then return to the other company by means of a 'yes' or 'no' if you have sufficient balance on your account to make the payment.

No this is not possible. When the permission from another company is included in their terms and conditions, there is no question of explicit permission.

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You cannot indicate this. You must state it correctly if you do want information to be shared. We only share data with other companies if you have given this company explicit permission. If you do nothing, nothing will change compared to the current situation and your account details will not be shared.

Yes, to share your account details with another company, only one account holder must give his consent. So it is good to make agreements about this together.

ING certainly has a duty to handle your information with care. In the context of PSD2, ING is required to share all transaction information at your request and with another company designated by you. 

That company must also be registered with one of the European national competent authorities (such as the CSSF in Luxembourg). And such a company may not use your data for purposes other than those for which you have given your consent.  

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