7 tips to cope with the sales without breaking the bank

This year, sales will take place from Saturday 24 June 2023, to Saturday 22 July included. You don’t want to bankrupt yourself? Here are 7 little tips and you’ll go round the sales smarter! 

1. Do an inventory 

To avoid buying your umpteenth little black dress – even with 75% off – start by going through your wardrobe. Be ruthless! Too big, too small, has a small hole in it, has a big hole in it… sort, give away and even sell. This will give you a clear idea of what you actually need.

2. Stake out

A few days before D-day, like a predator eyeing up prey, go hunting: search, check and even try on! This will help you avoid long queues at the changing rooms and adopt the protective measures. 

3. Budget & Payments

Set a budget according to the state of your finances. If you need some help to create your budget, we can help you here. For your payments, prefer contactless. It’s easy and secure. Why don’t using it especially during the pandemic. 

4. Check the tags

A wonderful coat, 40% wool and 60% polyester, in the sale at €300 is not a bargain. In fact, the smaller the amount of natural fibres, the lower the production cost. To be sure of a bargain, check the tag.

5. Check the prices

Don’t just pay attention to the final price. Check the original price on the tag to find out the actual reduction.

6. Returns policy

Some stores change their policy during the sales, particularly when it comes to bringing back goods which cannot be exchanged or for which refunds cannot be given. Pay attention. 

7. New collections

New collections are always attractive … and even more when sales are right at the corner. Remember that you are there to get a bargain.


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