It smells like holidays … Christmas is coming pretty soon and so does New Year’s Eve … Are you already thinking about your next holidays? I do hihi. I already have plans and it is about a winter sports holiday.  We all know that this kind of holidays are quite expensive. Thus, I wanted to share some savvy tips to enjoy them as much as possible without worrying about money with you!

Be original!

If you want to find the cheapest destination to ski, try destinations where nobody is going … I mean try to select an anti-flagship station ;-). To help you,  try ski stations located in Germany or even some located in countries where the cost of living is less elevated such as Poland , the Czech Republic or Slovakia. In these locations you can fully enjoy skiing slopes as they are less crowded   The following website tells you everything about ski, ski resorts in Europe as well as their ratings to help you choose where you want to go.

Fighting Fit! 

Don’t be careless about preparation. If you are going to ski,  sport and trainings have to be in your plans no matter what. This way, your muscles will be trained and you will decrease the risk of injuries.  You’ll return home safely and you won’t have to worry about medical expenses!

Be covered!

If you’re going to ski, be sure of what your insurance is actually covering. You never know what is going to happen !! For example, travel insurance  is essential, not optional. Many medical costs in Europe may be covered by the free European Health insurance  but it is not a suitable substitute for travel insurance during a winter sports trip.

Be equipped!

You have 2 options: buy or rent. Let’s have a deeper look at these 2 options:

  • Rental ski shops upgrade their inventory quite often (every couple of years) to make sure that they stay up to date. Renting can give you more options in terms of choice but also the possibility to change equipment (ski VS. snowboard if you do both).  Now, many shops take online reservations which allows you to save time and also money ( special discounts are sometimes applied).
  • If you bring your own ski/ snowboard, you will be comfortable and more confident on the ski slopes but be aware that you will have to transport your complete equipment ! You also have to take into account the fact that if you invest in this kind of equipment you won’t be able to renew it every year.


Keep in mind that restaurants that are on the ski slopes are often more expensive than the ones in the valley. If you really are in a cost saving mode, favor a snowy picnic with homemade sandwiches, fruits and a bottle of water

To conclude, I wish you luck with packing but, more importantly,  I wish you a merry Christmas 

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