Would you agree if I told you that every couple has a secret? You’re certainly wondering why I ask you this personal question. Don’t worry, I do not really expect an answer. We all know that nobody’s perfect

And I won’t be able to give you tips or advice about how your relationship should or shouldn’t work – it’s neither my business nor my area of expertise! I just wanted to share with you some findings of the latest ING International Survey I find interesting about … money secrets in Luxembourg resident couples:

  1. Almost one out of three (29%) think it’s normal for couples to keep a few secrets about money from each other; similar to the European average of 31%.
  2. One out of ten revealed that in the past12 months they bought something and they hid the expense from their partner – which is less than the European average (one out of five people)
  3. Age influences the way we deal with money. As a matter of fact, the younger we are (between 18 and 24 years-old) the more we hide expenses from our partner (20%). It tends to happen less often to people aged 55 and over (9%).
  4. 17% of Luxembourg respondents declared having a secret bank account their partner doesn’t know about. 
  5. 7% don’t disclose exactly their salary to their partner… and also here we’re more honest than the European average (13%)!

What about you, do you have money secrets?

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