Prepare to take that leap ! One of the most wildly spread urban myths is that it’s a hassle to change banks. Well, it isn’t. At least not in Luxembourg, where it’s both easy and free! It actually happens in 3 easy steps.

1.Open your new account

The easiest way it’s probably to do so online from your couch. In case you are already client of two banks and just want to switch your in- and outflows, forget this step 

2.Transfer your recurring payments

Switch all your (recurrent) in and outflows. This is the step that scares people off when, in fact, it’s just a matter of organization. Set up a list of all your direct debits and standing orders (typically you can see this list in your internet banking access) to establish the minimum reserve you should keep in your old account during the switch. Once you’ve established that, switch your inflows (salary, pension, allowances…) to the new account to start building it up. If you had extra cash in your old account, transfer it to the new account and switch all your standing orders (alternatively, wait for the first inflow to come before setting up the new standing orders!). Then draft a sample letter or email with your new account details and inform all of your service providers (direct debits) of the desired change. They might need a few working days to set up your new account details, take it into account before asking your original bank to cancel all of these to avoid penalties. After a few weeks check that there are no more movements in your old account, in case you forgot a direct debit.

3.Close your old account

But only after you’re absolutely certain you have no outstanding payments linked to this account!

I told you the difficulty of changing your main bank was a myth!!


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