Does your credit card have travel insurance? 

When it comes to travel, it is understandable that you are more focused on choosing the best destination and booking the best hotels, but insurance is a key part of making sure that your dream trip does not turn into a nightmare. While it offers peace of mind, travel insurance can also be expensive to purchase. Credit cards with complementary travel insurance give you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation trip and get the coverage you need without the costs of buying insurance outright. 


Visa is one the most used credit cards in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Depending on the type of your Visa card, there will be different eligibility requirements and complimentary insurances on offer.

With the Visa Gold card, which costs €70 per year, you benefit from travel accident insurance, travel insurance and round-the-clock personal and vehicle insurance.

Travel accident insurance covers death and permanent disability resulting from an accident abroad while using public transport (plane, train, boat or bus), paid with your Visa card.

Travel insurance covers any personal travel paid with your Visa card. If your trip has to be cancelled or interrupted for medical reasons, due to the death of a close family member, or if substantial material damage is done to your home or commercial premises, your travel costs are reimbursed (travel cancellation and interruption cover). When you have to face a cancellation or a delay of more than four hours of a reserved scheduled flight, your meals, refreshments, hotel expenses and round-trip airport or terminal travel expenses are refund (airplane delay cover). If your luggage is lost or delayed by more than four hours while leaving to go on holiday via a scheduled flight, your urgent replacement and essential item purchases are repaid (luggage delay cover). In the event of cancellation, delay or delayed arrival at the transit zone of a scheduled flight or rail transfer, if no means of transport is made available to you within four hours, ticket revaluation cover reimburses you any additional costs incurred due to a modification to your scheduled flight ticket into a similar or higher comfort class.        

Round-the-clock personal and vehicle insurance covers your personal or business travel both at home and abroad. If your health requires emergency repatriation, you will be immediately repatriated. And in the event of a breakdown, you can obtain assistance for your vehicle (even if it happens just outside your front door!) or a replacement vehicle if needed.


With the Visa Platinum card, which costs €115 per year, you not only benefit from the same insurances than with the Visa Gold card but also from some additional covers such as insurance for loss or theft of luggage or unregistered objects during a trip (including the journey, your hotel room and rental vehicle), vehicle hire excess waiver insurance, missed event insurance and civil liability abroad insurance.

Vehicle hire excess waiver insurance reimburses you for any excess amount if your rental vehicle, paid with your Visa card (up to €10 000), is damaged or stolen. Thanks to the missed event insurance, any advance payment of a ticket for a concert, play, sports event or theme park paid with your Visa card is refund. Civil liability abroad insurance covers costs incurred as a result of physical injury, consequential material or immaterial damage caused to a third party while travelling abroad.    

In conclusion, it is important to mention that Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cards cover other risks than those associated with unexpected events while travelling. Are also included all the advantages of the Classic Visa card: manufacturer warranty extension insurance, purchase protection insurance and Internet delivery cover. In addition, the Visa Platinum card has a family assistance and childcare in the event of a hospitalisation and a theft assurance, reimbursing you the costs of replacing your keys, identification documents, handbag or wallet in case of mugging or burglary.   

So think twice before paying. Using your credit card can save you more money than you think! And have a nice trip if you plan to go on holiday in the near future.

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