Love is in the air  …Valentine’s day is approaching. And you want to surprise your loved one, but you are on a tight budget and  now you have absolutely no idea what you should do?
It is fine. Me neither That is why I gathered some tips just for you to save your Valentine’s day without breaking your bank account … As you may know, money can’t buy love, but play it smart and you will end up with a happy Valentine as well as a happy bank account.

1. Spend time not money 

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about spending the night in a super chic restaurant and giving each other some bling bling. Valentine’s day is about spending some quality time with your loved one and taking care of each other which is a win for both your relationship as well as your bank account!

2. Celebrate another day

Who told you that you were obliged to celebrate valentine’s day on Feb 14th? There are no rules about love or Valentine’s day so celebrate your own Valentine’s day the day YOU want! This way, you will for sure avoid some special set menus only created for the occasion at a special price = expensive price 

3. Flowers 

Flowers are just a classic for Valentine’s day and they are full of symbols. This is certainly why women love them. The easiest way to give flowers without being ruined is either to plant a rose bush (but for this case you will need to anticipate your move first) or make origami flowers (you’ll find thousands of tutorials on Youtube that explain how to create an origami flower, step by step!).

4. Champagne vs Cocktail 

Whether you chose to go out or stay home, just trade the bottle of champagne you wanted to buy/serve for nice homemade cocktails. You’ll make the difference for sure On top of being original, cocktails taste great and look fantastic.

5. Skip dinner for breakfast

Instead of inviting your lover for dinner, continue being original and invite him/her for breakfast. An early breakfast is definitely cozier and it is a great start to a romantic day ahead! Follow up with a free activity such as a day out hiking in the Mullerthal Region or a walk in the Grund.

Do you have other tips for Valentine’s Day without breaking your bank account?


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