LuxTrust: beware of telephone scams!

We must remain vigilant and cautious! A new form of scam is currently causing havoc in Luxembourg, and has already been the subject of several complaints to the Grand Ducal police. Individuals posing as LuxTrust employees are attempting to commit phishing attacks by telephone. 

The modus operandi is always the same. The scammer contacts you, usually in the evening, claiming to be an agent of LuxTrust or your bank. Under some pretext, such as an update of your data or abnormal debits from your bank account, you are asked to provide all the data relating to your LuxTrust certificate (user name, password, one-time code, bank details, etc.). Once they have this information, criminals can access your bank account and start making transactions without being bothered. What can you do to avoid falling into the trap?

4 tips to follow

Your identifiers are personal and confidential and must not be divulged, including during your e-mail or telephone conversations with your bank or LuxTrust customer service. Neither LuxTrust, ING nor any other bank will ever ask you for information related to your LuxTrust product or any other confidential information by e-mail, SMS or telephone.

Don't rush and take time to think, especially when you are asked to take immediate action such as renewing your certificate. Start by checking the status of your certificate (activated, suspended or revoked) by visiting the "Test my certificate" page on the LuxTrust website. If the test does not indicate anything abnormal, you have probably been the victim of a scam attempt.

Ignore and report immediately to your bank or to LuxTrust customer service any solicitation from a person requesting your identifiers for various reasons such as resolving a technical problem or any other urgent problem related to your LuxTrust account. Only enter your identifiers on the official authentication page or the official application of your bank. Never send them by telephone or e-mail, even to your bank.

As a reminder, in the event of a suspicious telephone call, the LuxTrust customer service contact details are as follows: +352 24 550 550 or If you are a LuxTrust customer, please contact our Contact Centre on +352 44 99 1 or   

Opt for LuxTrust mobile

Last but not least: if you haven't already done so, switch to the LuxTrust mobile application. Not only will you no longer need to carry a physical device such as a Token or Scan, but you'll also benefit from enhanced security. The LuxTrust mobile application is fully integrated into your online banking. So when the validity of your certificate is about to expire, your financial institution will invite you to renew it free of charge via the secure messaging system in your online bank. Security is also enhanced by combining security data (login, password, one-time code, secret image) with your smartphone's fingerprint reader or facial recognition.  

You can find all our useful information on cybercrime and our advice on our pages devoted to banking security.  

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