My Android’s contracted a virus: Prescribe 2/2

Many experts warn that you are at risk 24/7, which leaves viruses (link to previous article) plenty of time to infect your device. It is always worth installing antivirus software rather than risking an attack which will impact your data.

Most of the time, we are infected due to our own mistakes. It is therefore of the utmost importance to be vigilant! Use only reputable and trustworthy applications. Download them from safe and reliable sources such as "Google Play". Malware is mainly active in applications available free of charge and from an unknown source. The applications available on "Google Play" pass through seven layers of high-end security, making them safe but not infallible.

Which antivirus software should I choose?

One of the most famous is "360 Mobile Security", which is exceptional and has the highest virus detection rate (99.99%). This certainly helps to detect the virus before it attacks your phone. It is of a reasonable size, and is fast and simple to use. In addition to operating on Android (as well as on tablets), it is fast, analyses the device and corrects minor problems.

Avast is another antivirus software which is just as well known and now available for smartphones. It analyses URLs for malware, offers anti-theft functions for your phone and constantly scans other applications on your device. It is available in a free version.

There are many others of course. Whichever you decide to use, you need professional and credible antivirus software for your Android. It is this type of application which could save your life in the event of an attack, especially if your Android contains all your personal data, including access to your mobile banking!

This antivirus software will be your shield against the malicious programs which prowl the web. So take control of your devices and don't let yourself be caught unawares by the web's hackers and cyber-criminals!


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