5 tips to create a good password

Finding a password which is easy to remember and effective against hacking is not always easy. So here are a few tips for creating a password which is easy to remember and very secure. To create a good password, it is easier to find one that is easy to remember than one that is secure. So we will start with a sentence or word close to your heart.

Here is an example: I am a fan of superman. 

Generally, words found in the dictionary or proper names are very easy for a hacking program to find. To prove this to you, we would like you to visit this site and try out this new password. 

Score: It takes a hacker approximately 0 seconds to crack the password "superman".

Another useful site to test the quality of your password is Passwordmeter test.

On this site, the word "superman" achieves a score of 10% and is rated very weak – not too bad, right?
Although the word "Superman" gives low scores in terms of security, it is still possible to keep this word. The trick is to make it more complex until it is secure. Here are some changes you can make.

put a capital letter in the word "superman"

add a second capital letter

replace the "S" with $. It is like an "S" isn't it?

put all the consonants in the word in capital letters

add an "!" at the end, because we always say "Superman!" with a lot of enthusiasm 

combine the change in points 4 and 5

change the "e" to a 3. The figure "3" is like a backwards "E". And so it is easy to remember

add two letters. Explanation below.

So here are the results of my changes for each of the tests:



Intel test




0 seconds




6 hours




6 hours




7 hours




7 hours




1 week




1 week




3 days




7 years


In the example set out, we started out with a word but we could also take a sentence.
For example "I have a brown cat who likes cat treats". Starting with this sentence, we will take the first letters of each word. This gives us the following letters: " i h a b c w l c".

A little tip: for a very secure password, start with a word of at least 8 characters or a sentence containing 8 words. 
To transform your password, here are a few ideas:

Change the "S" to $

Change the "E" to €

Change the "l" to !

Change the letter "O" to 0

Change the "i" to 1

Change the "B" to 8

Change the "P" to 9

It is up to you to find the similarities between letters and special characters or figures. So you will find it easy to remember your password.
Creating a different password for each website

Once you have found your password, adapt it for each website on which you are registered. Actually, it is not that smart having just one password (often combined with the same user name) to access all these sites.
A little tip: add two letters to your password for each website. These two letters might correspond to the site visited.

For example:

To go onto Ebay, add "Eb". This gives you $uP3RMaN!Eb

To go to your email account, add "Ma". Your password then becomes $uP3RMaN!Ma

To go to Facebook, add "Fb" for Facebook. 

It is up to you to find the two letters which mean the most to you. In this case, this gives you $uP3RMaN!Fb
Try and combine a lower case letter and an upper case letter as often as possible, to improve the security of your password.

So there you have it. You now have a few little tips to come up with a password which is easy to remember and very secure.
In short, here are the 5 tips to remember:


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