Whatever your projects and your personal situation, your requirements are unique - as are our solutions.

We think it is essential to guide you in your overall planning, taking into account the various factors that are specific to you.

We take care to inform you and make you aware of certain important subjects having financial, tax or patrimonial implications, such as:

your country of residence 

your marriage contract 

the impact of a divorce

the factors to be taken into consideration in a reconstituted family

succession law

whether or not a will has been made

the intention to make a donation

the place of residence of your children,

a property abroad

Therefore, as a Personal Banking client, you benefit from numerous advantages, including:

Regular contacts

Because your situation is constantly evolving, your Personal Banker will contact you at regular intervals.

Experts at your service

Whatever projects you are envisaging, your Personal Banker will make the expertise, knowledge and know-how of ING Luxembourg available to you. Highly qualified experts in various fields (loans, corporate banking, estate planning, etc.) will always be at your service.

Analysis of your portfolio

Since our aim is to get an in-depth understanding of your financial profile, we offer to carry out a free analysis of your portfolio, including assets held at another bank.

Access to a broad range of financial instruments

Thanks to our open architecture, we are able to invest in both ING funds and funds from other financial professionals. A team of analysts is responsible for selecting funds according to an objective and rigorous process, based on a multi-criteria, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Depending on your preferences, two solutions are available to you:

Advisory management

When you opt for a "Financial Advisory Account", you receive concrete proposals that will enable you to build a balanced portfolio with diversification within each asset class – the investment decision always remains with you.

Discretionary management

By opting for our discretionary management, you delegate the management of your assets to our teams of specialists. To manage your wealth as well as possible, our management team regularly reviews the choice of securities in your portfolio. At any time, you can enquire about the performance and evolution of your portfolio as well as any transactions that have been carried out.

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