Mobile payments with ING Digicash

Transfer money from one person to another
Pay online and in apps
Pay in restaurants and stores
Stay up to date
Pay personal bills
Extra advantages

What is ING Digicash?

With ING Digicash, you can use your smartphone to transfer money directly from your current account, whether it’s to pay for your groceries at your local shop, your online shopping spree, or a bus ticket. You can even send money to your friend or pay your bills with the push of a few buttons.

  • Send money simply with the mobile phone number of the recipient: the money transfer is completed by bank remittance from your account to the recipient’s account.
  • Place your smartphone near the DIGICASH terminal or scan the QR Code on the bill: paying couldn’t be easier!
  • Scan the DIGICASH QR Code to pay your bills in 6 seconds flat: you no longer need to enter the reference, amount or recipient of the bill.
  • For e-commerce sites, simply scan the DIGICASH QR Code to pay; in apps, choose DIGICASH as a payment method: simplicity and security guaranteed!
  • ING Digicash also lets you check your account balance anytime, anywhere. And because you can register your fidelity cards in the app, you’ll even earn loyalty points on your payments!
  • If you have a Visa credit card from ING Luxembourg, you’ll benefit from the same insurance cover associated with your Visa card every time you use ING Digicash.
  • When it comes to protecting your bank details, ING Digicash adheres to the highest industry standards. You’ll further benefit from a securitised connection linking the app to your account via your LuxTrust token. 
  • All you have to do is download the free ING Digicash app from the App Store or Google Play and use your LuxTrust mean of connection to set up a connection with your current account.

Go to the App Store or to the Google Play store and download the ING Digicash app.

Download the ING Digicash app

ING Luxembourg S.A. uses trade names to designate some services linked to a payment account and invites consumers to refer to the glossary provided in the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank and in the Pricing Extract in order to identify the corresponding terms on the standardised list of services.

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5 security rules for digital communications with ING

1. We will never ask you for your access codes by SMS, email or other 2. Always connect via '' 3. Be wary of any email attachments 4. Keep your software up to date 5. Contact us in case of doubt

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