The online subscription to this fund is only available to Luxembourg, French, Belgian and Dutch residents.
Please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers to get an overview of the products that are available for your country of residence.

Your assets are managed by our experts in portfolio management, therefore you are not required to follow the financial markets in order to decide in which stocks, sectors or regions it is advisable to invest in. We take care of this for you.

Flexibility and risk management

Responsible funds

No entry or exit fees, no custody charges.

A real comfort for the investor

What is ING Aria Lion Funds?

ING Aria Lion Funds is what is generally known as a fund of funds. It’s a fund investing in other investment funds, under the care of various managers and targeting long-term growth.

Active portfolio management

ING Luxembourg selected the best funds on the market to create ING Aria Lion Funds. This means your portfolio is diversified and risk is under control.

  • Responsiveness: our experts are continually adapting the portfolio depending on market conditions and events, as well as the economic outlook, in order to benefit from the best opportunities.
  • Flexibility: while following your investor profile, the manager is free to branch out from the benchmark index to take the most interesting opportunities for you.
  • Risk management: if an asset class is temporarily subject to heightened risk, our managers control this by reducing the weighting of this asset if they believe this appropriate. 

Yields above those of a traditional savings account 

10-year yield comparison (January 2013-December 2022) between a savings account[1] and an Aria Lion-type investment fund[2] based on an one-time payment of EUR 10,000.

[1] yield estimate of 1% per year here
[2] Balanced profile in this example

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Responsible funds

Aria Lion funds are aligned with the manager’s “Responsible Investing” investment approach. The goal of this approach is to promote certain ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria by setting minimum standards that the selected products or companies must meet in terms of adverse effects on the environment and society.

You can find the details of ING’s responsible investment approach here.

Regular and proactive monitoring

Whichever fund is chosen, ING Luxembourg offers:

  • A daily net asset value
  • Daily monitoring of portfolio risks
  • Your portfolio value available at any time via Online Banking
  • Subscription and sale available at any time via My ING

A full range

The ING Lion fund range is available in 5 different risk profiles. Depending on your risk appetite and your predefined investor profile, you choose the fund that best suits your situation and your objectives. If in doubt, we can of course help you make your choice.

* possible deviation of +/- 15%

Simplified fee structure

ING opts for simplicity by avoiding multiple fees (for the purchase, sale or annual custody of securities, etc.) :

  • No entry or exit fees, no custody charges.
  • The total fees below are estimates and vary depending on the profile as follows:

Conservative Profile: 1.84%

Moderate Profile: 2.10%

Balanced Profile: 2.33%

Dynamic Profile: 2.49%

Aggressive Profile: 2.65%

These fees include the costs of managing the fund by ING as well as the current costs necessary for the operation of the fund. ING Luxembourg will not bill you any extra fees.

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