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Marketing communication

About this fund

A sub-fund of ING Aria, a Luxembourg-based open ended investment company (SICAV) without maturity date subject to European regulations and managed by ING Solutions Investment Management S.A.


► Investment Objective:

The objective of the sub-fund is to seek exposure principally to bonds and money market instruments directly or indirectly, through units of UCITS or UCIs either within or outside the ING Group.

► Investment Policy:

The sub-fund considers ESG factors in portfolio selection and management, with the aim to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact.

► ESG considerations:

The sub-fund seeks to invest in issues with sustainable investing strategies. Sustainable investing is an investment approach that considers ESG factors in portfolio selection and management (Article 8 SFDR).

► Benchmark:

The sub-fund is actively managed and is not constrained by a benchmark index.

► Trading and cut-off time:

Investors may request redemptions of shares daily in line with the relevant section of the Fund's prospectus.

► Distribution policy:

Distributing share class : Your shares will be distributing shares.

Capitalisation share class : Your shares do not distribute dividends, all income is reinvested.

► Currency:


► Additional information:

Depositary: CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch.

The latest prospectus and periodic regulatory documents drawn up for the entire Fund are available free of charge in English from the Management Company, ING Solutions Investment Management S.A., 26, Place de la Gare, L-1616 Luxembourg or on the website The net asset value is available on request from the Management Company. Investors may convert their shares of any class of one sub-fund of the Fund into shares of another class of that sub-fund or a different sub-fund subject to the provisions of the prospectus.

► Intended retail investor:

This product is suitable for investors who are willing to accept the risk of total loss of invested capital and have an investment horizon of approximately 1 year. It is intended for investors who do not have the minimum required level of knowledge and experience of financial markets. This product can be used both as a primary investment and as part of a diversified portfolio.


*This is the content mentioned in the Key Information Document (KID).  The capital and/or returns is/are not protected or guaranteed. 

The promoted investment concerns the acquisition of units or shares in a fund, not in an underlying asset.

There is no guarantee that the investment objective will be achieved, within the recommended holding period or not, and there is a risk of loss of the capital invested.

More information on the aforementioned topics and explanations of some of the terms used in this marketing communication can be found in the Fund's prospectus.


Top positions in the sub-fund

*Data as of 31/03/2024 (updated on a quarterly basis) .

Source: ING Solutions Investment Management S.A.


The last 5 years**

** For recent products, available NAV may be less than 5 years.

Annualised return (in EUR)

*Data as of 31/03/2024 (updated on a quarterly basis) .

Past performance does not predict future returns. For distribution classes, the return shown reflect the assumption that dividends have been reinvested.

Source: ING Solutions Investment Management S.A.


Only for distributive share classes ("Dis").

Dividend calendar*

Frequency:  1x/year

2023:                        -

2022:                        -

2021:                        -

2020:                        0.70

2019:                        3.87

*Gross amounts in EUR. The distribution represents the sum of distributed income over the last 12 months.


One-off costs upon entry or exit

  • Entry costs: Maximum 5.00%
  • Exit costs: none

The percentage shown is the maximum amount that can be paid out of your investment. Your financial advisor or distributor can inform you of the associated entry and exit charges.

Ongoing costs taken each year

  • Management fees and other administrative or operating costs: 0.94% of the value of your investment per year. 

This is an estimate based on actual costs over the last year.

  • Transaction costs: 0.01% of the value of your investment per year. 

This is an estimate of the costs incurred when we buy and sell the underlying investments for the product. The actual amount will vary depending on how much we buy and sell.

Incidental costs taken under specific conditions

  • Performance fees: none

In order to limit the liquidity risk and protect all existing investors against the costs incurred by subscriptions and redemptions, the Fund has adopted, for all of its sub-funds, a protection mechanism called “Swing Pricing”. Swing Pricing aims to counter the negative impact (on the NAV) caused by inflows and outflows by automatically adjusting the NAV upward or downward using a predetermined percentage (the «Swing Factor») in the cases where these net inflows or outflows exceed the predefined levels (the “threshold(s)”).

For more information with regards to the costs and taxes, please consult the Prospectus or the KID available under the section "Documents" .

Your advantages

Low entry thresholds

Sub-fund of a UCITS SICAV accessible to a large number of investors owing to low entry thresholds.

Consideration of ESG criteria

A bond portfolio that takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria while investing in issuers connected to the real economy.

Daily liquidity, diversification and transparency


Risk Indicator

The summary risk indicator is a guide to the level of risk of this product compared to other products. It shows how likely it is that the product will lose money because of movements in the markets or because we are not able to pay you.

We have classified this product as 2 out of 7, which is a low risk class. This rates the potential losses from future performance at a low level, and poor market conditions are very unlikely to impact the capacity to pay you.

This product does not include any protection from future market performance so you could lose some or all of your investment.

The lowest risk category does not mean "risk free".

Your initial investment is not guaranteed.

... in addition to the risks taken into account in the SRI, the following must be taken into account...

Credit risk

The Sub-fund invests in bonds, cash or other money market instruments. There is a risk that the issuer may default. The likelihood of this happening will depend on the credit-worthiness of the issuer. The risk of default is usually greatest with bonds that are rated as sub-investment grade.

Financial, economic and political risk

Financial instruments are impacted by various factors, of which, without being exhaustive, the economic development of issuers who are themselves aff ected by the general world economic situation as well as economic and political conditions prevailing in each country.

Liquidity risk

Liquidity risk exists when particular investments are difficult to purchase or sell. This can reduce the Sub-Fund's returns because the Sub-Fund may be unable to transact at advantageous times or prices.

Interest rate risk

An increase in interest rates may cause the value of fixed-income securities held by the Sub-Fund to decline. Bond prices and yields have an inverse relationship, when the price of a bond falls the yield rises.

ESG risk

An environmental, social or governance (ESG) event or situation that, if it occurs, could have a material adverse effect, actual or potential, on the value of one or more investments held by the Fund.

Derivative for hedging purpose

The use of derivatives for hedging in a rising market may restrict potential gains.

Please refer to the Fund's prospectus for a full list of risks which can affect the overall fund value.

The content above has been prepared by ING Solutions Investment Management (ISIM), the management company of the Fund. This content contains information, including, without limitation, statements and statistics that have been obtained by ISIM and are of the ownership of ISIM. ING has no liability in relation to the accuracy, completeness, and update of this content.

I am a customer

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Important information

1. The elements contained in this document have been prepared solely for the purpose of information and do not constitute an offer or a solicitation or any invitation to treat, buy or sell any investment referred to herein or to participate in any trading strategy.

2. While particular attention has been paid to the contents of this document, no guarantee, warranty or representation, express or implied, is given to the accuracy, correctness or completeness thereof. Any information given in this document may be subject to change or update without notice. Neither ING Solutions Investment Management S.A. nor any other company or unit belonging to the ING Group, nor any of its officers, directors or employees can be held direct or indirect liable or responsible with respect to the information and/or recommendations of any kind expressed herein. This material is not intended for any specific investor and does not take into account particular investment objectives, financial situations or needs.

3. No direct or indirect liability is held for any loss sustained or incurred by readers as a result of using this publication or basing any decisions on it. Investment sustains risk. Please note that the value of your investment may rise or fall  and also that past performance is not indicative of future results and shall in no event be deemed as such.

4. The fund is a sub-fund of ING Aria, an open-ended investment company (SICAV) governed by Luxembourg law and subject to European regulations. The SICAV is duly authorized by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg.

5. For more detailed information about the investment fund, please refer to the prospectus and the Key Information Document (KID). In relation to the investment fund mentioned in this document a KID has been published containing all necessary information about the product, the costs and the risks which may occur. Do not take unnecessary risk. Read the KID. The information in this document is not intended to solicit sales of investments or subscription of securities in countries where this is prohibited by the relevant authorities or legislation. Read the prospectus before investing. The information contained in this document shall neither be considered as an individual investment advice nor as a fiscal or legal advice. This document has been prepared with due care and diligence. No rights can be derived from the information in this document. For obtaining more specific advice, please ask your investment advisor. The latest prospectus and the latest periodical regulatory documents, as well as all other practical information, are available in English free of charge from the Management Company ING Solutions Investment Management S.A., 26, Place de la Gare, L-1616 Luxembourg or on the website

6. All rights are reserved. This presentation and information contained herein must not be copied, reproduced, distributed or passed to any person at any time without ING Solutions Investment Management S.A. prior written consent.

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