Prepare your future at your ease without leaving yourself short today, this is what ING Luxembourg proposes.

How can I prepare for my pension?

Are you afraid of losing your spending power when you take your retirement? You would therefore like to put money aside and grow your savings without having to make cutbacks or worrying about managing this capital.

 In collaboration with our insurance partner, ING Luxembourg offers you a product that allows you to:

  • build up a supplementary personal pension;
  • Deduct the amounts allocated to these supplementary pension savings for tax purposes as of today, under the conditions provided for by law

A life insurance policy

It meets all the criteria laid down by law for its premiums to be tax deductible while enabling you to build up savings using two sub-funds.

  • Sub-fund with guaranteed yield
  • Sub-fund with investment funds

These types have been especially created in order to profit from the tax advantages as laid down in article 111 bis du Code Fiscal L.I.R. and make it possible for you to benefeit to the furthest extent from the annual ceilings on deduction of maximum €3,200/year.

Other statutory criteria 

Your policy must run for a minimum of 10 years

The benefit on maturity can only be paid, at the earliest, from the age of 60 and, at the latest, from the age of 75.

The maximum age for taking out a policy is 65.

If the insured person dies before the policy matures his heirs can benefit (if not specified differently in the contract).

Reimbursement before maturity:

  • Due to a major illness or disability: no loss of tax breaks;
  • For reasons other than a major illness or disability: the full sum repaid early is taxed at the full rate.

On maturity, you decide how the benefit is paid:

  • Single payment in the form of capital
  • Payment in the form of a monthly annuity
  • Or mixed-payment of your built up savings, part being paid in capital the remainder being paid as a monthly lifetime annuity.

The tax treatment of the capital and annuity paid to taxpayers resident in Luxembourg at the time the benefit is paid:

  • The capital is taxed at half of the usual effective rate
  • Half of the monthly lifetime annuity is exempt from tax; the full rate of tax applies to the remining balance.

Two investment vehicles in the same product 

Fiscal deduction and investment of your capital should not be considered as equal. Therefore we are giving you an increased flexibility to structure your investment throughout two investment mediums.
  • Guaranteed yield sub-fund

If you prefer the certainty of a guaranteed rate of return, then guaranteed investment vehicle is what you need. This is a life insurance policy with a guaranteed return complemented by possible dividends.

  • Investment funds sub-fund

If you want to maximise the return on your investment over the long term by accepting the risk of stock market fluctuations, return on your investment vehicle would be more suitable for you. You can create, on your own, investment strategy by choosing among a selection of SICAVs, all of which issue capitalisation shares denominated in EUR. 

Depending on your age, the proportion of the assets invested in SICAVs investing in shares is limited:

Max. 60% 

Max. 40% 

Max. 30% 

Max. 20% 

Example: You are 42 years of age and would like to diversify your investment as much as possible, as well as achieve an optimum long-term return. You can invest up to 60% of the €3,200 in one of our Investment fund sub-fund, and the remaining 40% in our guaranteed-yield sub-fund.

To find out what your capital will be on maturity, do not hesitate to ask for a simulation from one of our Advisers with no strings attached.

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