Transmit your wealth

Transmit your assets

The transmission of the company must be carefully prepared in order to ensure you can maintain the same lifestyle during your retirement and to allow the next in line to take over the reins of the family company with a good start.

Support your family

You have a close relationship with your children and you desire to support them in their projects. How can you guarantee an optimal transfer of the family portfolio towards your children?

Estate planning 

The death of a relative is a sensitive time. Also inheritance is governed by relatively strict administrative requirements. We will be there to guide you through each phase of the estate settlement process at ING. 

ING is by your side

In today’s globalised world, businesses, assets and residences are located all over the world. Backed by external experts when necessary, our specialists can help you access and analyse the impact of financial, business or health risks on your personal situation. They are able to ask you the right questions and empower you to take the necessary steps in order to preserve, grow and transmit your assets.

Wealth structuring is essential in succession planning in order to ensure your fortune is transferred to the future generations. We can inform you how to arrange your financial affairs on the longer term and introduce you to the necessary specialists.

We recommend you to start thinking about wealth and estate planning as early as possible. 

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