Visa Business & Assistance credit card

The advantage of making efficient business payments throughout the world.

The possibility to order several cards linked to your account.

A considerable standby credit facility not tied to your current account.

A comprehensive assistance.

Freedom to decide when to repay to make managing your cash flows easier.

Insurance package.

The credit facility of your Visa Business & Assistance card

The Visa Business & Assistance credit card not only gives you a standby credit facility that is not tied to your current account but also the possibility of free credit for two to six weeks every month, depending on the transaction date. You receive your statement around the 20th of each month and have until the fifth of the next calendar month to settle the balance in full or to repay at least 10% before the due date and settle the remainder in instalments.

Your Visa account on My ING app or website

Your My ING transactional space makes it simple for you to:

Check the spending limits on your standby credit facility.

Consult and/or pay your monthly statement.

Identify particular payments from all cards linked to the account.

And this anytime and anywhere from any device. 

The extras of the Visa Business & Assistance credit card

The Visa Business & Assistance card offers you all the convenience of a standard Visa card, combined with a comprehensive assistance and insurance package.

ING Luxembourg S.A. uses trade names to designate some services linked to a payment account and invites consumers to refer to the glossary provided in the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank and in the Pricing Extract in order to identify the corresponding terms on the standardised list of services.

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