If you have followed the previous posts you are an advanced saver by now! If you have managed to set aside some spare savings that you will not need in the short term you should continue to read this article…

Another way to invest 

You might want to invest a portion into other financial products to get more out of your money. This does not necessarily mean “playing” dangerously at the stock market! Banks regularly offer investment products that pay interesting returns without putting your capital at risk or that have a maximum possible loss in percentage known at subscription.

You might prefer to buy investment funds that diversify your risk over a long list of stocks, bonds, currencies, and so on. They exist for all different kinds of risk profiles, from very conservative to more speculative. As a general indication one can say that the longer you are able to immobilize your money the higher the return will be.


Always leave enough money on your savings account to cover your short term needs. Your bank can help you determine your personalized risk profile and will advise products that fit your needs and preferred investment duration.


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