Simplify your life with the LuxTrust Mobile application!

By 2021, most banks in Luxembourg will only use one authentication device for all their online services: the LuxTrust Mobile application. This will replace your Token in the near future. So, rather than wait for that deadline, why don't you move on to this new solution now? 

What are the advantages of the LuxTrust Mobile application?

Simple, convenient and available at all times on your smartphone, LuxTrust Mobile allows you to do exactly the same thing as with your physical token or scan. You can connect to your banking applications, validate your banking transactions and sign electronically, with complete freedom wherever you are! With LuxTrust Mobile, you always have your device with you! The application helps you obtain a One Time Password (OTP) required to confirm or finalize your transactions or operations. You no longer need to have your physical device such as a token or scanner at hand to do so.

Since 30 June 2020, LuxTrust Mobile also allows you to validate your purchases on websites using 3D Secure, a payment security technology implemented by the European Central Bank to reduce credit card fraud. It is no longer necessary to enter a confirmation code generated by your Token. Everything is done directly in the LuxTrust Mobile application. This innovation did not come about by chance. It aims to comply with the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2). From 1 January 2021, the majority of EU shopping sites will ask you to authenticate yourself with 3D Secure when shopping online.

Last but not least, you can use the LuxTrust application on two different devices. 

How to get the LuxTrust Mobile application?

It all depends on your situation. If you already have a LuxTrust electronic identity linked to a Token or Scan, you can activate the application for free. Just download it from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions on the screen. Don't forget to prepare your physical token and your LuxTrust codes (user ID and password). They will be needed to identify you in the application the first time.

If you hold another device such as a SmartCard or Signing Stick or if you do not have a LuxTrust eID, you must order a LuxTrust Mobile Identity directly on the LuxTrust Website.

In practical terms, how should this application be used?

LuxTrust Mobile offers three main functionalities adapted to different security contexts.

Scan mode is the simplest and most straightforward feature. When you connect to a website or perform an online transaction with your computer or tablet, you scan the QR code (mosaic image) displayed on the screen with LuxTrust Mobile on your smartphone. The application decrypts the QR code and generates a OTP required to validate the transaction. All you have to do is enter the 8-digit code on the site.

Push notification is an alternative to Scan mode. Instead of scanning the QR code to generate the OTP, you allow LuxTrust Mobile to send you a notification on your mobile phone when you log in or perform a transaction. By opening the notification, the application gives you the opportunity to view the details of the transaction and then accept or cancel it. You no longer need to insert OTPs or scan images.

The App2App mode allows you to access your online banking application directly from your mobile phone. Once configured in your banking application, LuxTrust Mobile can automatically exchange with it. You simply need to confirm or cancel all your transactions using your password, fingerprint or facial recognition. 

What happens if my phone is lost, stolen or changed?

If you are no longer in possession of your phone, your identity remains safe. You can simply install the application on another device by following the procedure. A person who would like to use your identity must be in possession of your User ID, your password AND your Passcode which are personal to you. In case of doubt, you can always call LuxTrust Customer Service on +352 24 550 550.


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