LuxTrust mobile. Stop searching for your token.

It has happened to all of us: you take out your phone to quickly do a payment in My ING and you realise you do not have your token on you.

With LuxTrust mobile this is a problem of the past!

From now on, wherever you go, your token goes with you.

What is LuxTrust Mobile?

Simply said, Luxtrust mobile is the mobile version of your LuxTrust token.  You digitalise your token on your smart phone.
With this mobile version you can do everything you can do with your physical token.

Why use LuxTrust Mobile?

It is easier to use and free of charge!

LuxTrust Mobile is completely integrated in My ING. You can use it to login to My ING and validate transactions on your PC or in the My ING App.

For added security, LuxTrust Mobile gives you an indication of the amount of the transfer, the type of action (authentication, payment, new beneficiary, transfer, message) and more information for the transaction you want to confirm.

More information :

How to install LuxTrust Mobile?

1.      Prepare your Token or your LuxTrust codes (User ID and Password)

2.      Download the app

3.      Follow the instructions in the app

  1. Click start activation
  2. Enter your LuxTrust credentials on the following screens: User ID, Password and an OTP generated by your token (like when you need to validate an external transfer on My ING)
  3. Create a passcode for the app (6 to 16 letters and/or numbers. No special characters, like ! or*)
  4. Give a name to the device (you can install LuxTrust Mobile on a second phone if you want)
  5. You will receive an SMS with a verification link. Click the link
  6. You are ready to use LuxTrust Mobile! 

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