4. What are the best saving tools to help you achieve your goals?

Let’s get specific!

Tom is 25 years old and has just married Anna. They would like to buy a house in 10 years and want to save up for a down payment of € 60,000. In the next few years, they’d like to go on a world tour, but the duration of their trip and the number of countries they can visit will depend on their available budget.

Monthly household income

€ 7,000

Monthly household expenses
(rent, TV, phone, car insurance, groceries, taxes, etc.)

€ 5,000

Monthly saving capacity

€ 2,000

What should they do with those € 2,000?


€ 400

Available immediately in case of an emergency (car needs to be replaced) or for short-term expenses (birthdays, holidays, etc.).
To be comfortable, they should save the equivalent of about three months of pay, which for Tom and Anna would be € 21,000.

€ 500

A long-term property goal (e.g. buy, renovate):
- No temptation to use that money set aside for 10 years.
- A portion can even reduce their taxable income!

€ 100

It’s hard to think about retirement so far in advance…
- Don’t worry, depending on the type of retirement plan they choose, they could get a payout of € 42,000 when they turn 60!
- No temptation to use that money set aside until age 60.
- A portion can even reduce their taxable income!

€ 300

Why not take a small portion of their savings and try to make their dream trip a reality!
- Funds quickly available.
- Nice potential return in 5 to 10 years.

€ 700

Tom and Anna shouldn’t forget to keep money in reserve for outings with friends or for date nights.

Your next step

That's it, your budget is clear, you have a good savings capacity and you want to try to make it grow. It's time to know everything there is to know about investing, in a simple and uncomplicated way.

All the steps

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