What is 3D secure payment?

3D Secure is an internationally recognised security standard for online payments. The service is limited in Luxembourg to credit cards. It is known as VISA SECURE for payments made by Visa cards, or MasterCard SecureCode for transactions carried out using MasterCard credits cards. 3D Secure was created in order to avoid fraudulent payments made by credit card (stolen card numbers, for example) and to ensure that the rightful cardholder makes each online payment.

How does 3D Secure work?

Making an online transaction with a credit card requires the card number, the expiry date and the visual cryptogram. The visual cryptogram is the 3 numbers on back of your card requested to perform online payments. But this information can be easily and copied, allowing NOC (No Card Present) fraud schemes. With 3D Secure, additional information will be requested to confirm that you are the owner of the card. Someone who would copy your card information or even would steal your card could not make purchases from retailers supporting 3D Secure because he doesn’t know the additional information.

The 3D Secure service is completely free of charge. Two conditions must be fulfilled to use the service: the online retailer must support 3D Secure – the logo ViSA SECURE, and MasterCard SecureCode is displayed on the retailer’s web site – and your credit card must first be activated.

The activation process starts automatically the first time you pay with your credit card on a 3D Secure participating retailer’s web site. First you will be asked to input a part of your account number (in IBAN format), from which your credit card payments are debited, and your date of birth. Then you will be asked to set your 3D Secure personal message, which will be displayed during each future online payment process to reassure you that the web site is indeed an official 3D Secure payment site, and a 3D Secure password.    

What happens if you don't activate your card for 3D secure? 

If you don’t activate your credit card for 3D Secure, you will not be able to pay online with your credit card for purchases from retailers that support 3D Secure. You will only be able to make purchases from online retailers that don’t support 3D Secure.

So, will you use 3D Secure or not? It is clear that the double authentication system slows your online payment process but don’t forget that the little time wasted can save you a lot of future trouble. Don’t hesitate to contact your bank for more information! 

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