You can always stop automatic savings


Your savings will grow before you know it 

You can change the amount you save whenever you want

Possible via one simple standing order in My ING


You can withdraw your savings at any time

This is how your savings grow

It is always nice to have a little bit of money set aside, for a weekend trip or to cover some unforeseen costs. By saving automatically you can put some money aside with one simple standing order.

Saving automatically helps you to put money aside. You can use automatic savings with our common savings accounts.* You enter a standing order only once in My ING and the rest is automatic. For example, you already have 10,000 EUR on your savings account and you create a standing order for 150 EUR per month. After 12 months your savings will have grown to 11,937.19 EUR (assuming an average interest rate of 1.25%). A nice increase, without much effort.
* “Compte Vert” savings, Young Adults Savings Account, ING Orange Savings, Junior Savings (in EUR)

Quick start

  • Log in on My ING (internet banking)
  • Select “Saving automatically” in the “transfers” menu or “Manage my savings” in “ My Savings Accounts” on the My ING Homepage
  • Select “add an automatic savings order” 
  • Check the data of your ING savings account and current account
  • Enter how much you would like to save per month
  • nter when you would like to start, select “no last payment”
  • And in “periodicity” you can select how often you want the payment to be done.
  • You can enter a message if you want
  • And confirm.

Tip: It is practical to execute your automatic savings order on the days your salary is paid.

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