As a business, you have very specific banking needs and you want to be able to manage your accounts and payments easily, whenever you want and wherever you are. With My ING Pro, it is possible on any computer, tablet and smartphone.

Transfer money easily

Check your balance and your movements anywhere

Manage the access rights of the user safely

Enjoy a secured connection thanks to LuxTrust certificates.

My ING Pro in video


"I find this application very convenient in comparison to the  online banking tools of other banks."

"What I find very positive is the fact that there is no daily limit."

"It's really a good application, wich allows me to manage and view my payments easily."

Advanced features of My ING Pro

My ING Pro offers all the usual online banking functions and much more:

  • Multiple signatures to validate your bank transactions.
  • Possibility of finalising your transactions by signing from your mobile device.
  • Free-of-charge SWIFT confirmations upon request.
  • Simple and efficient management of your beneficiaries.
  • Direct access to your digital documents (bank statements, etc).
  • Detailed view of your balances and pending payments, across all accounts or by company.
  • Personalised real-time alerts notifying you of any activity on your accounts and balanace.
  • Unlimited number of transactions.

Download My ING Pro

My ING Pro is available on smartphone, tablet and computer. You can log in to your account from any device.

Login to My ING Pro

Manage your accounts and your market portfolio quickly, easily, anytime and anywhere.

1. We will never ask you for your access codes by SMS, email or other 2. Always connect via '' 3. Be wary of any email attachments 4. Keep your software up to date 5. Contact us in case of doubt

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