With the ING Luxembourg Visa card , you can buy from 29 million retailers throughout the world … and pay for your purchases later!

Manufacturer cover extension insurance

Giving you 2 supplementary years of cover. In addition to the manufacturer's initial guarantee.

Internet delivery cover

Allowing you to receive compensation for the non-delivery or incompatible delivery.

Purchase protection insurance

Which refunds you the purchase price or any repair costs to a movable asset.

What is a Visa credit Card?

An ING Luxembourg Visa credit card gives you:

  • the possibility of making payments to retailers throughout the world.
  • a considerable standby credit facility not tied to your current account.
  • freedom to decide when to repay to make managing your budget easier; your own choice of PIN;

The credit facility with your Visa card

The ING Luxembourg Visa card not only gives you a standby credit facility that is not tied to your current account but also the possibility of free credit for two to six weeks every month, depending on the transaction date. You receive your statement around the 20th of each month and have until the fifth of the next calendar month to settle the balance in full or to repay at least 10% before the due date and settle the remainder in instalments.

The services provided by your Visa card

  • Manufacturer cover extension insurance
     giving you two supplementary years of cover in addition to the manufacturer's initial two-year guarantee if you purchase new household goods (refrigerator etc.), video electronics goods (plasma screen, etc.), audio goods (MP3 player etc.), or communication or computing goods (mobile phone, laptop, etc.) for personal use with your Visa card;
  • Purchase protection insurance
     which refunds you the purchase price or any repair costs to a movable asset (games console, computer, clothes, accessories, etc.) bought new with your Visa card and stolen through burglary or assault or accidentally damaged;
  • Internet delivery cover
     allowing you to receive compensation for the non-delivery or incompatible delivery of new goods (household appliances, IT purchases, clothes, etc.) purchased online from a merchant with your Visa card;

Looking for a comprehensive assistance package? The Visa classic & Assistance card is ideal for you!

Your Visa account on My ING.LU

Your My ING transactions space makes it simple for you to:

  • easily see the outstanding amount of your credit line.
  • consult your monthly statement.
  • make payments to your VISA account.
  • request duplicate documents and interest certificates.
  • block you VISA card following loss or fraud, and replace them automatically.
  • terminate your cards.


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