With the ING Luxembourg Visa Platinum card , you can buy from 29 million retailers throughout the world … and pay for your purchases later!

And much more :

Travel insurance

Covering any personal travel paid for using your Visa card.

Vehicle hire excess waiver cover

Reimbursing you for any excess amount in the event of an accident or theft of a rental vehicle.

Missed events cover

Reimbursing you for any advance payment of a ticket for a concert, play, sports event or theme park.

Travel cancellation and interruption cover

Early return home in the event of a hospitalisation of a family member or significant damage to the home.

Round-the-clock personal and vehicle insurance

With our partner Europ Assistance, we cover your personal or business travel both at home and abroad.

Home assistance

Family assistance and child care in the event of a hospitalisation.

What a Visa credit Card?

An ING Luxembourg Visa credit card gives you:

  • the possibility of making payments to retailers throughout the world.
  • a considerable standby credit facility not tied to your current account.
  • freedom to decide when to repay to make managing your budget easier;
    your own choice of PIN;

What is the Visa Platinum card?

The Visa Platinum card is the outcome of a contract concluded between ING Luxembourg, Foyer Assurances S.A. and Europ Assistance

This partnership means that you not only have all the advantages of a Visa card, but also:

  • the knowhow of insurers of recognised standing;
  • the resources of a major financial group;
  • assistance at a highly competitive price.
  • a large standby credit facility

Other advantages of our Visa Platinum card

Thanks to your Visa Platinum card you do not only benefit from the basic insurances mentioned on the "Visa Classic" page, but you can also benefit from the coverage linked to the insurances described below:

  • Travel accident insurance (death & disability) covering death and permanent disability resulting from an accident abroad while using public transport (plane, train, boat or bus), paid for using your Visa card;
  • Manufacturer warranty extension insurance adding two years to the manufacturer's initial warranty when you use your Visa card to purchase a new household appliance (fridge, etc.), electronic video (Plasma screen, etc.) or audio equipment (MP3 player, etc.), as well as communications or IT equipment (mobile phone, laptop, etc.) for private use;
  • An internet delivery guarantee, providing you with compensation in the event of a delivery failure or incorrect delivery of an item for private use (household appliance, IT equipment, clothing, etc.) purchased new from an e-commerce site using your Visa card;
  • Purchase protection insurance, reimbursing you for the purchase price or repair costs of an item of movable property (game console, computer, clothing, accessories, etc.) purchased new using your Visa card and stolen in a burglary/mugging or accidentally damaged;
  • Travel insurance
     covering any personal travel paid for using your Visa card, and allowing reimbursement of the following:
    • the costs if your trip has to be cancelled or cut short for medical reasons, due to the death of a close family member, or if substantial material damage is done to your home or commercial premises (travel cancellation and interruption cover);
    • the costs of your meals, refreshments, hotel expenses, round-trip airport or terminal travel expenses when you face a cancellation or a delay of more than four hours to a reserved scheduled flight (airplane delay cover);
    • your urgent replacement and essential item purchases when your luggage is lost or delayed by more than four hours when you leave to go on holiday via a scheduled flight (luggage delay cover);
    • any additional costs incurred due to a modification to your scheduled travel ticket into a similar or higher comfort class, in the event of cancellation, delay or delayed arrival at the transit zone of a scheduled flight or rail transfer, if no mean of transport is made available to you within four hours (ticket revaluation cover);
    • If you are the main holder of a Visa account which is used exclusively for your commercial, industrial, arts and crafts or self-employed business activities, then you can benefit from a travel insurance, providing you with cover in relation to travel cancellation and interruption cover, airplane delay cover, luggage delay cover and ticket revaluation cover for any business trip paid for with a Visa card for which the main card account holder is a legal entity.
  • Theft insurance, reimbursing you in the event of a mugging or burglary for the cost of replacing your keys (including locks) or identification documents, as well as the repair or reimbursement cost of your handbag or wallet;
  • Vehicle hire excess waiver cover, reimbursing you for any excess amount in the event of an accident or theft of a rental vehicle paid for using your Visa card (up to 10.000€);
  • Insurance for loss or theft of luggage or unregistered objects during a trip (including the journey, your hotel room and rental vehicles);
  • Missed events cover, reimbursing you for any advance payment of a ticket for a concert, play, sports event or theme park booked in advance (for a precise date) paid for using your Visa card;
  • Civil liability cover abroad, covering costs incurred with respect to physical injury, as well as consequential material or immaterial damage, caused to a third party while travelling abroad.
  • Round-the-clock personal and vehicle insurance with our partner Europ Assistance, covering your personal or business travel both at home and abroad, enabling you specifically to be repatriated in the event that your health requires emergency repatriation, to obtain vehicle breakdown assistance for your vehicle in the event of a breakdown (even if this happens just outside your front door), and possibly a replacement vehicle.

You also have a Visa Cyber Card?

If you have a Visa Cyber Card, but also a Visa Platinum card then you enjoy the same insurance services and benefit from the same terms and conditions, limits and guarantees as those associated with the Visa Platinum card when using your Visa Cyber Card to make payments. Therefore, you can carry out your internet purchases safely knowing that you are receiving maximum protection.

Your Visa account on My ING.LU

Your My ING transactions space makes it simple for you to:

  • easily see the outstanding amount of your credit line.
  • consult your monthly statement.
  • make payments to your VISA account.
  • request duplicate documents and interest certificates.
  • block you VISA card following loss or fraud, and replace them automatically.
  • terminate your cards.


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