Paying by card 

You are advised to take certain precautions when using your credit and debit cards.

Watch out for prying eyes: shoulder surfing

Ensure no third party watches you enter your PIN code at a cash machine (ATM) or when you pay by card in a store.

How to tell if a cash machine has been hacked

Even if cash machines (ATMs) are closely monitored, they may have been subject to modifications which compromise their security, defrauding the user by gathering PIN codes or data stored on cards. These modifications generally entail installing fake keypads or card readers over the originals. A camera may also be hidden in the cash machine's overhead light. If in doubt, you are recommended not to use the machine and to alert the bank to which it belongs as quickly as possible.

Use the CyberCard where possible for online or telephone payments 

The risk of theft arises as soon as you give out your card information on the telephone or online. To minimise the harm caused in the event of stolen data, you are advised to use the ING virtual card (CyberCard) when making purchases online or by telephone. And if you use e-commerce websites, it is vital to make sure your payments are made via secure sites. These display "https" in the address bar as well as the closed padlock symbol. There is no security alert from your browser.

Also use 3D Secure websites where possible 

3D Secure is a system which reduces the risk of online fraud associated with attempted identity theft. It works by making a check every time the card is used online to ensure its user is the true holder of the card.

When making payment on an e-commerce website which supports the 3D system, an additional authentication stage is necessary to finalise the transaction. 

You are recommended to use 3D Secure websites where possible when shopping online.

Monitor your payments

It is important that you check your most recent card transactions on a regular basis.

Avoid PIN codes which are easy to guess 

You are recommended to avoid using PIN codes which are easy to guess such as 1111 or 1234.

Memorise your PIN code 

You are advised to memorise your PIN code. You should never write the code down.

Do not share your card data with another person 

Your card data (card number, expiry date and CVV) and your PIN code are personal and confidential; they should never be shared.

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