Using My ING 

You are advised to take certain precautions when logging in to your bank account online.

Ensure you are on the genuine My ING site 

To access My ING, type the secure address into your browser manually. Never access it via a link.

Before entering your login information:

1. Take seriously any alerts and security messages prompted by your browser, for example a certificate error. In such cases, good practice is always to abandon the attempt to connect.

2. Check that the address bar appears green (or the address itself is green) and for the closed security padlock.

Ensure you are using the ING Luxembourg mobile app 

The ING Luxembourg mobile app is only available from official app stores: Google Play (for Android) and the App Store (for IOS). Do not download ING Mobile applications from other sources.

Be on your guard for anything unusual which occurs while you are connected.

Do not hesitate to log out and contact us if you notice anything suspicious while using My ING or the ING Luxembourg mobile app. Things to look out for include multiple requests for your LuxTrust credentials, new pop-ups, pages which are slow to load, interrupted sessions, and unusual page contents or layout.

Watch out for prying eyes: shoulder surfing

Ensure nobody watches you enter your login information, particularly when you are in a public place.

Avoid logging in from a device which is not your own

Using My ING or the mobile app on a device belonging to somebody else, or whose security is outside of your control, exposes you to security risks.

Check your bank account regularly 

It is important that you view your most recent transactions on a regular basis, for example just before you log out.

Read your secure messages regularly

Important messages concerning security may be sent to your secure inbox. You are therefore advised to check these messages regularly.

Monitor your saved mobiles

In order to access your accounts via the ING Luxembourg mobile app, you must first save your mobile phone in My ING. This process takes place the first time you connect to the mobile app. You are therefore advised to check the list of saved mobile phones periodically.

When did you last log in? 

My ING and the ING Luxembourg mobile app display the date and time of your last session, as well as the device used.

Always log out 

We recommend that you always terminate your My ING or mobile app session by clicking on the link or button marked "log out".

Activate alerts

In My ING, activate your alerts via email or push notifications to monitor your bank movements and notify ING immediately if there is a suspicious transaction.

5 basics rules for your security

We will never send you an unsolicited request for your login details 

Keep your software up to date at all times

Please always login via or, even better, use the My ING app.

If in doubt you can always contact us

Beware of email attachments

How can we help?

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