If you have been informed (via paper mail or a message in My ING) to close your account, please rest assured that your accounts, cards and insurances remain active and accessible until 30 September 2024 while you take the necessary actions to transfer all your assets.

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Accounts, certificates, investments 

For the sake of consistency and efficiency, we terminate certain relationships that are no longer aligned with ING Luxembourg's business strategy or risk appetite, such as the one we are discussing today. The legal obligations and internal rules imposed on us today have an undeniable impact on the bank's costs and on the costs of managing a business relationship.

In accordance with article B.9 of ING Luxembourg's General Terms and Conditions, the Bank has the right to unilaterally terminate its business relationships and/or customer accounts at any time without having to state the reasons. 

More information in our press release from 29.05.2024:

We guarantee you that accounts will remain accessible and your banking services will be guaranteed until the transfer to another bank has been completed.

When you complete the account closure process on My ING (account closure form completed), your accounts will be closed by our teams, after your Visa balance has been reimbursed, if you have one.

If you do not have another account registered in your name in the eurozone, you will have to choose another financial intermediary in the eurozone and open an account there. Alternatively, if you have only a small amount of cash in your account with us, you can withdraw funds using your card, our ATMs or at the cash desk of our head office branch.

The simplest and most effective solution is, of course, to open an account at another bank and transfer the funds there.

We recommend that you download and save or print your account statements via My ING, My ING Pro or Multiline before the final settlement of your account, as you will no longer have access to your statements once your account has been definitively settled. However, you will still be able to re-print your statements after the liquidation. 

To obtain a tax certificate, simply request one by contacting our Contact Center. We will exchange any information that we are legally bound to. 

In the event of a positive balance on your account(s) and/or on any securities portfolio, there is no problem transferring cash to an account opened in your name in a bank in the eurozone and securities to another account opened in your name in another bank in the eurozone.

No, we will only do this at your request or when we are obliged to do so following the non-repayment of your debit accounts.

This does not pose any problem as regards transferring the assets to another bank in the euro area and definitively closing the account.  However, if your assets are in a currency other than euro, you may be liable for transfer or exchange fees, both for cash and securities.

If, for example, you have an account(s) with a credit balance and an account(s) with a debit balance, we will adjust the debit balance by offsetting it against the credit balance(s) on the other account(s) without prior notice, in accordance with article A.8.2.

There are no charges for closing the account if the transfer is made in euro to an account in your name at a bank in the eurozone.  The charges that will be deducted are custody charges, i.e. the charges relating to the activity of the account before the closing date, as well as any debit interests.

No charges will be applied to the transactions resulting from the decision to terminate and the transfers so required. However, any charges due (prior to the termination letter) for use of the account, card(s), etc. will be applied. 

Of course, all you have to do is call the Contact Center and ask for your account(s) to be closed, so that you can find out the exact amount of your account balance after closure and transfer it to the account of your choice. We will then proceed with the final settlement of your account in our books.  However, remember to read/print your account statements on My ING, My  ING Pro or Multiline because once the account has been closed, it will no longer be possible to do so.

Don't forget to update your new bank details with 3rd parties so that your recurring incoming and outgoing payments (direct debits, standing orders) can continue.

Ex. CNS refunds, recurring subscription fees, utility bills, etc.


As long as you are still within the notice period (as indicated on the letter you received), your cards should be active. No reminder of the cancellation will be sent. 

This letter of cancellation takes precedence over any other communication you may receive from ING Luxembourg. No reminder of the cancellation will be sent.

Above all, please respect the reimbursement deadline indicated in the cancellation letter to avoid any late fees.

For all practical information about reimbursing your Visa account: Visa account or FAQ-pay.

If you don't want to spend the amount in your Visa account, simply transfer the balance to your current account by using the option "new transfer" available in the main menu of My ING, My ING Pro or Multiline ..

As soon as we receive your reply coupon, transactions on your accounts will no longer be possible and you will have to wait until the funds are available at your new bank. This may take several working days. The bank declines all responsibility in the meantime.

The insurance/assistance linked to your card will remain in force in accordance with the general terms and conditions of your VISA card (article C.1. of our Visa General Terms and Conditions) and will cease on the day your card is blocked (i.e. on the date indicated in your letter of closure).

If you had chosen to receive your Visa statements via My ING, remember to collect them before this date.

In this case, please contact your Relationship Officer who will be able to help you with the necessary steps.

* This form is only to be used if you have received registered letter concerning account closure from us.

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