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Incorporation of a company    

Incorporation of a company

Your contact persons at ING Luxembourg offer you personalised support with legal matters, thanks namely to products and services which complement your international projects.

Financing solutions

Documentary credit

A documentary credit, also called "letter of credit", is a means of payment allowing your company to safeguard your import and export transactions worldwide.

Business loan

An investment credit is medium- to long-term credit intended to finance the acquisition or replacement of fixed assets in full or in part, to maintain or increase the company's productivity.

Overdraft facility

The overdraft is a cash facility that responds to permanent short-term working capital requirements. The bank authorises a company to have a debit balance on its current account. 

ING Lease

ING Lease is a major Luxembourg player in financial leasing for more than two decades. Today, this experience lets us offer our services to more than 3,000 clients, managing in excess of 7,000 active agreements.

Bank guarantee

As part of the smooth conduct of its business, a company may have occasion to provide its suppliers or clients with guarantees. To avoid using excessive owners' funds, ING Luxembourg can issue a banker's indemnity.


InnovFin – EU Finance for Innovators offers a range of tailored financing products and advisory services to companies of different sizes ranging from SMEs to large corporations and other entities.

Investment solutions

Investment products

An investment product is a combination of different financial instruments, that is: stocks, bonds, currencies, traditional financial products and derivatives such as options. 

Term deposits

The fixed-term deposit is a savings account on which the funds are blocked for a certain time, or "term". This is generally a short period: a week, a month, a quarter, half a year, a year or even more.

Stock exchange orders

A stock exchange order is an instruction given by a person or an institution to an intermediary like a bank or a broker to buy or sell on the financial markets.


Securities services

Securities custody

Luxembourg ING takes care of the custody of your securities and you no longer have to worry about the management, interim due dates, risks of theft and so on.


Corporate action

A corporate action can generally be defined as an operation on a security during the term of its validity. This could be, for example, a capital increase, an optional dividend, a public offer or a share split.

CAA reporting

ING Luxembourg has a unique IT reporting tool allowing insurance firms to have Luxembourg Insurance Commission reports of different frequencies integrating the regulatory requirements and characteristics needed by this supervisory authority.


Your assets under custody at ING Luxembourg are subject to detailed, recurrent reconciliations and daily updates to their prices.


Historical transaction record

Any transaction relating to your portfolio is automatically recorded in our books with a view to consulting it at any time for your personal requirements.

Portfolio performance

Consult your portfolio's performance on an ongoing and up-to-date basis thanks to IT tools accessible on-line made available to you by ING Luxembourg.


Daily banking solutions

Visa Business debit card

You want to empower your employees to make payments but still be in complete control of your business finances?

Visa Business credit card 

The Visa Business credit card allow you to make quick, efficient business payments and manage your cash flows and spending.

Visa Business & Assistance credit card

The Visa Business & Assistance credit card allow you to make quick, efficient business payments and manage your cash flows and spending.

Useful services for daily banking

Direct Debit

Would you like to pay all your bills to companies throughout Europe, easily and via direct debit? This is the objective of the European direct debit (or SEPA direct debit).

European payments

With My ING, there is no charge for payments and credit transfers to one of the SEPA country. They simply have to be the “SEPA Payment” type.

International payments

With ING, you can make payments to almost any country in the world.


Online banking solutions

My ING Pro

As a business, you have very specific banking needs and you want to be able to manage your accounts and payments easily, whenever you want and wherever you are. With My ING Pro, it is possible on any computer, tablet and smartphone.


MultiLine is a multibanking tool enabling you to carry out ordinary operations like account queries, transfers and direct debits. Furthermore, you can process payment instruction files and account statements easily with the help of your accounting software.

Useful online services

My alerts

We will inform you by email when a payment goes in or out of your account or when your balance reaches a predefined limit. To activate your alerts, simply connect to your My ING Pro. There you can set up the alerts according to your preferences. 

Online statements

Want to save time and make filing your bank statements easier? This function is offered to you free of charge by ING Luxembourg through your secure My ING space!

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