There is currently no structured product for subscription.

Limited lifespan

Performance depends on an underlying assets

With or without capital guarantee at maturity

What is an investment product?

An investment product is a financial instrument:

  • with a limited lifespan,
  • the return of which depends on the performance of an underlying asset (stock-market index, shares, interest rates, currencies, commodities, etc.).
  • with or without a capital guarantee at maturity.

Which product for which investor?

ING Luxembourg places a whole range of financial instruments at your disposal to enable you to take advantage of market trends while limiting your risk.

To help you make the best choice, the risk level for each investment project is carefully calculated. This means that you can always be sure of finding a product suited to your investor profile, from the most dynamic to the most conservative.
With certain products, the capital is protected until maturity while benefiting from any rise in the underlying asset. Protected-capital products are an ideal solution for investors concerned with safeguarding their assets but not wanting to forego entirely the returns offered by equity markets.

Endless possibilities

ING Luxembourg is constantly issuing new products, through public and private offerings, with all kinds of underlying assets, depending on the opportunities that present themselves on the financial markets and on the investment policy established by its specialists.
ING Luxembourg also uses the expertise it has built up and the advantages provided by being part of a global group to develop made-to-measure products to respond to the specific needs of its customers. Be it currencies, underlying assets, horizon, or capital protection, you can choose a unique combination that reflects your expectations (minimum 2 € million).

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