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Simply putting money aside each month is no longer an adequate solution to realise your projects and dreams. 

ING Aria Lion Funds is what is commonly known as a fund of funds. It is an investment fund which itself consists of other investment funds managed by various sponsors. This investment fund aims for long-term growth.

ING Aria Global Index Portfolio, an ETF portfolio chosen by our portfolio management experts, built around several asset classes (equities, bonds, real estate, etc.) and various sectors and regions.

Investment products

ING Luxembourg places a whole range of financial instruments at your disposal to enable you to take advantage of market trends while limiting your risk.

Funds or SICAVs

ING’s product portfolio is not just limited to its own funds: you can also take advantage of the best funds offered by other sponsors.

Life insurance

You no longer have to choose between wealth creation and wealth transmission: life insurance offers the prospect of attractive returns within a legal framework that facilitates wealth transmission.

Your Personal Banker, a partner at your side in all circumstances

Do you prefer to manage your investment porfolio yourself or do you prefer your advisor to do it for you ?

Financial Advisory Account

Advisory management

Do want to be free to choose your investments yourself, but don’t have the time or the best financial information to analyse all of the opportunities available on the market? We give you the best advice.

Managed Funds Portfolio

Discretionary management 

You don’t have the financial knowledge needed to manage your investment portfolio yourself, or you simply don’t have the time. We’ll do it for you!

More about investing

Discover Jean-Yves Leborgne's financial chronicle.

Advisory management or discretionary management: What to choose?

You want to invest in the financial markets but you don't know how to choose between "advisory management" and "discretionary management". ING Luxembourg explains everything here!

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